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Expand Your Vision with Advanced Dual-cameras

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is the complete drone made for those working in the public safety & defence industry. Like it’s predecessors, the M2EA was built to be the go-to quick response drone. The key features for this drone are:

→ 640 x 512 px Thermal Camera

→ 32x Digital Zoom

→ Centimeter-level Positioning with RTK

This compact quadcopter boasts a variety of performance upgrades, most importantly, the high resolution thermal and visual camera, which now supports up to 32x digital zoom. This gives the M2EA the ability to locate and track targets from around 1km away.

Unboxing the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Watch our industry specialist, Sam Denniff, speak through the features of the brand new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced in this recorded webinar, discussing its applications for work in the Public Safety and Defence sector.



Metropolitan Police
Ministry of Defence
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
Lowland Rescue
Leicestershire police
Kent fire and rescue
Gloucestershire police

This package includes everything you’ll need for effective operation in the Public safety sector

What’s included in your solution?

→ Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with smart controller

→ Batteries, accessories, beacon, speaker and tough carry case

→ Fly more kit; Extra batteries, shoulder-bag, car charger and battery hub

→ All the drone training you’ll need to operate your equipment safely and effectively

→ 24-month Extended Warranty, 12-month Service and lifetime access to Coptrz Academy

From £4,567 + Vat



Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Meet Sam Denniff

Business Development Manager – Public Safety & Defence

Sam has played a crucial role in expanding the technology used by some of the UK’s largest emergency service organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, Devon & Cornwall Police, West-Yorkshire Police, Kent Fire and Rescue and Leicester Police. In his role as business development manager, Sam’s knowledge centres around reducing both risk & operational costs by providing a drone solution, whereby potential dangerous areas can be reached prior to putting human life in danger.

Drones have allowed users across the public safety sector to cover more ground than they previously would using conventional foot patrols. They are also incredibly useful providing real-time data in evolving, remote or hard-to-reach emergency situations, particularly in high-risk incidents with a potentially lethal hazard.

Drone solutions for police - Business development manager - Sam Denniff