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As a leading provider in the drone industry, we specialise in equipping businesses like yours with the tools and knowledge needed to soar above the competition. Our commitment is to ensure that you have the best equipment, training, and support to turn your aerial ambitions into reality.

Our range of services caters to
every aspect of your drone needs:

Largest Range Of Hardware

From the versatile indoor Flyability Elios 3 drone to the robust DJI M30T, our inventory is curated to suit diverse industry requirements. We take pride in being agnostic drone providers, offering unbiased, tailor-made solutions from our diverse range of top manufacturers to meet your specific needs.

Expert Training

We believe that proper training is key to unlocking the full potential of drone technology. We offer comprehensive, structured training programs to ensure you and your team can operate drones with the utmost safety and efficiency. Coptrz Academy, our eLearning platform, provides a catalogue of CPD-accredited courses, enriching your knowledge of drones, their industry applications, and beyond.

Consultancy Services

Navigating the complexities of drone regulations and operational challenges can be daunting. Our consultancy services provide you with the expertise needed to formulate effective business strategies, comply with legal requirements, and optimise drone operations. We are dedicated to helping you integrate drone technology seamlessly into your business model, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

After-Sales Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the point of sale. We provide ongoing support to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your drone investments. This includes technical assistance, maintenance advice, and updates on the latest advancements in drone technology. Our goal is to be a continual resource as your business grows and evolves in the dynamic world of drone operations.

Drones Defining Innovation

Flyability Elios 3

Discover the Elios 3, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone with a LiDAR sensor for indoor 3D mapping. Featuring the FlyAware™ SLAM engine for real-time 3D models, exceptional stabilisation, and a modular payload, it enables precise, survey-grade data capture in the most inaccessible areas, customisable for each user’s needs

Create Survey-Grade 3D Maps

The embedded LiDAR constantly scans the surroundings to build a high-density point cloud map. This map is displayed instantly in the Cockpit App, empowering pilots with exceptional locational awareness.

Powerful Data Harvesting

Drone-based inspection is not a technology of the future, it is a necessity for today’s digital fast-paced world. Elios 3 helps industrials effortlessly achieve these goals by bringing their confined inspections and mappings to the next level with unparalelled accuracy.

Live Situational Awareness

With its onboard LiDAR and proprietary SLAM algorithm—FlyAware™— Elios 3 instantly creates a 3D map of its surroundings and renders it real-time in the piloting app, empowering the pilot with exceptional locational awareness.

Emesent Hovermap ST-X


Hovermap incorporates the latest in LiDAR sensing technology to offer high density point clouds with exceptional coverage. Featuring a sensing range of up to 300 meters and more than a million points per second, Hovermap captures detailed, accurate data over a wide area fast – accelerating your time to insight.

Survey Grade Scans

Hovermap ST-X with GCP can be used to create survey grade scans for long, linear assets, large or feature-poor environments that have previously been challenging for SLAM-based systems.

Superior Detail

With a LiDAR sensing range of 300 m (984 ft), Hovermap ST-X allows flying higher and faster to extend your transect coverage and enable faster data capture over large areas without a decrease in data quality.

View As You Capture

Hovermap ST-X enhances drone service provision by live streaming point cloud data to your control tablet, offering real-time previews during capture. This feature allows for immediate data assessment and decision-making, greatly increasing efficiency and accuracy.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise Series offers drone service providers a compact yet powerful tool, enhancing service delivery with its advanced features. Its mechanical shutter, 56× zoom camera, and RTK module for precise measurements provide clients with exceptionally detailed and accurate data, ensuring superior quality and efficiency in mapping and surveying projects.

Survey with Speed

Mavic 3E's wide-angle 4/3 CMOS, 20MP sensor has a mechanical shutter to prevent motion blur and supports rapid 0.7-second interval shooting. Complete mapping missions with extraordinary efficiency without the need for Ground Control Points.

Mapping Mission Planning

Create automated flight missions of highways, rivers, oil pipelines, and more with Corridor Mission Planning. Simply draw a line on the map and it divides the area into mappable segments for straightforward surveying.

Live Mission Recording

Record mission actions such as aircraft movement, gimbal orientation, photo shooting, and zoom level to create sample mission files for future automated flights.

Why Choose Coptrz?

Industry Specialists

You'll have a team of industry experts across Surveying, Public Safety, Education and Inspection for ongoing support.

World-Class Suppliers

Your perfect drone solution will be custom built from a range of world-renowned suppliers.

Expert Training

You'll get access to industry-leading training including specialist courses in Thermography, BVLOS and 3D Mapping.

One Stop Shop

You'll have everything you need in one place including hardware, software, training and technical support.

Client Testimonials

“Up until launching UAV Studio, my priority had been to learn as much as possible and in that regard Coptrz played a really important role. In the past few months I’ve completed a professional surveying course and have also obtained Category 1 Certification to carry-out thermographic inspections – both through Coptrz"
Alex Lester
Founder of UAV Studio
“We've been working with Coprtz for a number of years. The team initially helped us onboard drone technology, where we saved over £750,000 in our first year. Since then, our experience with Coptrz has been excellent."

Duncan Turner
Drone Lead, Severn Trent Water
“Coptrz gave us absolute expert guidance on both hardware and the training when we were onboarding drone technology. We've had seven pilots trained up, and it was an absolutely fantastic service.”

Nick Canham
Chairman, Leicestershire Search & Rescue


Read our FAQ's

Drone service providers offer a range of services including aerial surveying, inspection, mapping, photography, and videography. They may also provide specialised services like thermal imaging, agricultural monitoring, and 3D modelling.

You’ll need to obtain relevant certifications and licenses for operating drones commercially, which vary by country. Knowledge in aviation laws, drone operation, and safety practices is crucial. In the UK, you must obtain a GVC if you are using drones for commercial reasons. You can find out more here.

The investment depends on the type of drones and equipment you choose, insurance, marketing, and operational costs. Starting with one or two high-quality drones can be a cost-effective approach. For advice, please enquire via our webiste.

Liability insurance is essential to protect against damage and accidents. You may also consider hull insurance for your drones and equipment, as well as business insurance. We provide insurance through our trusted provider Moonrock Insurance

The drone service industry is rapidly expanding with diverse applications across sectors. Continuous learning, adapting to market needs, and expanding services can lead to significant growth opportunities.

Industries like real estate, construction, agriculture, surveying, and cinematography are highly lucrative. It’s important to identify your niche based on market demand and your expertise.

Develop a strong online presence through a website and social media. Networking with industry professionals, attending trade shows, and offering demonstrations can also be effective.

Challenges include keeping up with rapidly changing technology and regulations, weather dependencies, competition, and ensuring consistent quality and safety in operations.

Continuously update your skills and knowledge, invest in the latest technology, and offer exceptional customer service. Specialising in a niche market can also give you a competitive edge.

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