Elevating Government Operations Through Secure, Efficient, and Safe Drone Technology

Drones are revolutionising the way government bodies operate, offering a new paradigm for enhanced safety, improved efficiency, and robust security. From natural resource management to emergency response, drones are becoming an integral part of government operations.

Coptrz can build a tailored drone solution around your specific needs.

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Elevate your team's ability to manage risks and hazards during crucial operations with the aid of aerial robotic instruments. Drones offer a new layer of safety in scenarios ranging from emergency response to crowd management.

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Maximise time and resources by utilising aerial data to refine existing processes. In sectors like urban development and housing projects, drones offer a fast and accurate way to gather essential information, improving operational efficiency.

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Equip your community with cutting-edge drone technology that delivers both security and ease of use. From crime deterrence to crowd and transport management, drones provide a fortified layer of security, enhancing community safety.

How are drones being used in the government?

Drones are increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for government agencies, offering a versatile range of applications that go beyond traditional methods.

In the realm of public safety, drones are used for crowd monitoring, search and rescue missions, and emergency response, providing real-time data that helps in quick decision-making. They also play a significant role in urban planning and housing development, where aerial imagery aids in site analysis and construction monitoring.

Furthermore, drones are employed for infrastructure inspections, such as examining the condition of bridges, roads, and public utilities, thereby ensuring compliance and maintenance.

On the security front, drones offer enhanced surveillance capabilities for border control and crime prevention. Overall, drones are revolutionising how government agencies operate, making them more efficient, secure, and responsive to community needs.



Building inspections

Drones offer a cost-effective and safer alternative for building inspections, potentially saving authorities both time and money. They eliminate the need for scaffolding and manual surveys, reducing health and safety risks while accelerating project timelines.

Housing Development

Utilising drone technology for housing development allows for rapid site identification and analysis through photogrammetry. This speeds up data collection and processing, leading to quicker project deliverables and shorter development cycles.

Transport Management

Drones are revolutionising the way governments manage traffic and road maintenance. They offer real-time monitoring capabilities, covering larger areas more efficiently than traditional methods, and provide invaluable data for congestion management and infrastructure planning.

Event management

For organising and overseeing large-scale events, drones offer real-time analytics that are invaluable for planning and security. They can map event sites, monitor crowd distribution, and provide security surveillance, all while capturing memorable moments from unique angles.

Environmental Monitoring

Drones offer an efficient way to monitor environmental changes, from tracking wildlife to assessing deforestation rates. They provide accurate, real-time data that helps in making informed decisions for conservation efforts and policy-making.

Search and rescue

Drones are invaluable in disaster management, providing rapid situational awareness during calamities like floods and fires. They can deliver essential supplies, locate stranded individuals, and assess damage, all while keeping rescue teams out of immediate danger.


Drone solutions


The WingtraOne is a user-friendly VTOL drone designed for efficient mapping and delivering reliable, top-notch survey data more quickly and affordably.

Blueye x3

Reliable and user-friendly underwater technology for frictionless access to what's below the surface. Customisable with accessories.



ageagle rededge-p dual

This 10-band multispectral and RGB composite drone sensor offers high-resolution data for plant classification, weed identification, and environmental conservation. It's also adept at analysing vegetation in water bodies for comprehensive environmental research.

Emesent hovermap st-x

emesent hovermap st-x

The Hovermap ST-X utilises advanced LiDAR technology to deliver high-density point clouds quickly and accurately over a 300-meter range. Specialising in both expansive and close-range scans, it features award-winning Wildcat SLAM and Automated Ground Control Points for sub-centimeter precision.
DJI Zenmuse L1 payload

DJI Zenmuse

The Zenmuse L1 features a Livox Lidar module, high-accuracy IMU, and 1-inch CMOS camera on a 3-axis gimbal. Paired with Matrice 300 RTK and DJI Terra, it offers real-time 3D data capture. Ideal for mapping complex structures, it provides efficient, precise structural modelling and surveying.


The DJI Zenmuse H20T offers a four-in-one sensor package, featuring a zoom camera, wide-angle lens, laser rangefinder, and thermal imaging capabilities. Its smart, integrated design delivers unparalleled aerial imaging, making it ideal for various commercial drone uses.


Sorability's Sniffer4D offers a cutting-edge UAV and ground-based gas detection solution. It accurately captures and displays multi-dimensional gas distributions, delivering precise, localised air pollution data. Ideal for decision-making in sectors like oil and gas, environmental safety, and HAZMAT response.


The Zenmuse P1 features a full-frame sensor and interchangeable fixed-focus lenses, all mounted on a 3-axis stabilised gimbal. Engineered specifically for photogrammetry tasks, this setup elevates both efficiency and precision, setting a new standard in aerial data collection.




Any school, college, or university offering practical training of drones, integrating UAVs into their courses and lessons, will have a clear competitive edge in securing top-grade students. Drones are making leaps and bounds in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) departments. There are few better modern tools to use in the classroom than drones.

Group Training

Drones help to break up the monotonous grind of the school day, by allowing students and faculty members a reprieve from the arduous task of intensely focusing on the same topics over and over again, drones help to bring a sense of fun back into the learning environment.


Many educational bodies are turning to drones to allow them to capture highly accurate data, quickly and safely. Drones can be used for research in subjects such as Geography, Surveying, History and many more.

Train your full cohort

Did you know we offer drone training for your entire student cohort? You can build your own bespoke training package for your needs, including our GVC, A2 CofC and over 450 CPD courses. Our courses include all of the training, hardware, software and support you need. Take a look below.

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We collaborate with a wide array of academic departments, including but not limited to Engineering, Robotics, Policing, Environmental Life Sciences, Film and Production, Media, Archaeology, Remote Sensing, Marine Biology, Geography, Geology, Volcanography, Agriculture, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. For a deeper dive into educational use cases, please visit our case studies catalogue.

Yes most of our products come with an option for educational discounts and bundles. Please enquire for more information on this.

We have an archive of our case studies available to access here.

Absolutely, as long as the third-party payload is compatible with the drone. We offer an array of compatible third-party payloads on our shop page, including but not limited to the Emesent Hovermap, Ageagle Red Edge-P/Dual, Phase One P3, and LiDARUSA Revolution 120.

The general consensus and expectation for university staff is that you will be trained to the GVC standard. The A2 course is the quickest way to get your hours up and flying but there are many limitations to the A2 when most university spaces are congested areas, leaving no options other than the GVC course.

Our headquarters is located in Leeds, but we also offer training at various locations throughout the UK. To find the training centre closest to you, click here.

We are an agnostic drone provider, providing 360° drone and collaborate with a range of brands including DJI, Parrot, Wingtra, Flyability, Emesent, Sky Hero, and AgEagle to name a few. Find a full list of our manufacturers and partners here.

We provide delivery services across the globe.

The Design, surveying and planning T-level has UAV practices written into its core teachings to give students an insight into the practices of industry empowering students with employability skills and confidence using leading tech.

Yes, to arrange a demonstration, please click here.

The L1 only works with DJI Terra which comes with a 6 month free trial.

This depends on the data you are looking to capture and the accuracy to accompany it. This is traditionally used as a tool within surveying and inspection jobs for your drone. Get your free trial here or consult our expert here if you have any questions.

DJI Enterprise Shield Plus offers a hassle-free replacement and repair experience by covering all shipping costs. You can add an unlimited number of products purchased and activated simultaneously to your Enterprise Shield account, thereby expanding your total coverage pool.

T-Levels are nationally-recognised qualifications designed for 16 to 19-year-olds. These courses take 2 years to complete and are roughly equivalent to 3 A-levels. Developed in collaboration with leading businesses and employers, T-Levels aim to equip students with industry-relevant knowledge and skills. For example, the Design, Surveying, and Planning T-Level course includes drone laws in its syllabus.

T-Levels have become a trending educational pathway in colleges and academies. If your institution offers T-Levels, you have a unique opportunity to align your curriculum with cutting-edge technology and practices. Generous government innovation funds are available to enhance your courses with state-of-the-art hardware and software. This allows students to gain practical experience with technology widely used in professional settings. At Coptrz, we assist colleges in creating customised educational packages to maximise the benefits of T-Levels in these innovative courses.


Deliver on the demands of your community faster and at lower cost


Local councils are responsible for delivering over 800 services, with duties ranging from waste management to social care.

This webinar investigates how local councils can take advantage of drone technology to provide both competent and cost-efficient services.

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Incorporating drones into the surveying of large portfolios could save authorities millions of pounds & days of waiting for projects to be completed, and negate traditional health and safety hazards that are associated with building surveys & scaffolding.


Drone technology can be used to identify and analyse potential sites for housing developments by using photogrammetry. You can expect data to be collected and processed up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, acquiring quicker deliverables and shorter project cycles.


Drones provide a viable solution for tracking congestion and planning/maintaining roads. Existing methods of traffic monitoring can be overcome by using drone technology due to its ease of use, ability to cover larger areas and provide real-time streams/feedback.


Drones can be used as an incredibly useful tool for both organisation/planning and gathering real-time event analytics. Areas include site mapping, analysing footfall, crowd distribution, security and protection, and recording commemorative events.


Meet Danny Wilson

UAV Strategist – Public Sector

With an in depth knowledge of the business development and growth management, Danny has helped companies go from zero drone experience to full adopters.

“Adopting drone technology can be difficult, especially in an industry with little-to-no information on how to get the best return on investment.

Having worked alongside organisations such as Leeds City CouncilEast Herts Council and Wigan Council, I’m sure that I can get you up, operational, and seeing the benefits of drone technology” 

Danny Wilson


Do local councils use drones?

Currently a very small quantity of councils have adopted and begun utilising drone technology, with numbers estimated to be under 25 out of the 333 in England.

Early adopters include Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) council who trialled a scheme in the summer of 2021 that aimed to tackle litter using the technology. Additionally, Surrey council have partnered with Amey to track fly-tipping in the local area.

In Scotland, several councils have partnered with a company called Viewpoint Films, for the aerial inspections of their property portfolios. This initiative began as part of the HEEPs programme set out by Scottish Housing Quality Standard. The company have surveyed over 600 houses by air, saving local authorities over £4.5 million.

Are drones used for Highway Maintenance?

One of the biggest advantages of including drones within your road maintenance regime is that they can survey and record a huge area of the transport network from overhead in just a fraction of the time taken by traditional ground-based teams.

Advancements in drone camera technology mean users can rely on detailed images – accurate to within 5mm – taken from overhead and it’s allowed them to break new ground.

For the council, the pilot represents an “exciting opportunity” which will provide a greater understanding of roads and other assets. Prior to having this information at their fingertips, the council relied on reports submitted by road users online.

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Can you inspect a roof with a drone?

Roofs have long been ignored by property owners and managers due to the high costs associated with traditional methods. Drone roof inspections cast aside the need for scaffolding and long man-hours, providing clients with faster deliverables at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, drone technology can provide more in-depth analysis due to the incorporation of thermal cameras, LiDAR or photogrammetry capabilities.

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Can you use a drone for land surveying?

Drones have proven to be dynamic tools for commercial uses, providing users with large strides in efficiency and safety. Surveying operations are a prime example.

Photogrammetry is one of the predominant methods of land survey, whereby drones fly over vast areas of land, taking thousands of pictures which are later stitched together to create models of the site. The end result is scaled 3D representation of the site.

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How are drones used to tackle potholes?

One of main use cases for drones that is being experimented with by local authorities is road maintenance.

Automated drones are able to fly along pre-planned points and mapping where there are pot holes using LiDAR and RTK technology.

Where humans are involved, human error can occur. When surveying discrepancies occur, it’s often due to carelessness, miscommunication, and/or fatigue.

By adopting drones for surveying, this danger can be eliminated. This is because there is no need for data entry. The smart software simply (and instantly) extracts the information it needs from images – including geo-tags to build models.

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