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Coptrz Commercial Drone Exhibition

Coptrz is proud to present its first Commercial Drone Exhibition. Taking place on Wednesday 21st September 2022, the event will provide an intimate experience for unparalleled interaction with product manufacturers and industry professionals.

Packed with drone demonstrations, product presentations and exclusive deals, the Coptrz Drone Exhibition will be a networking hub for professionals sharing expertise and innovations

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Start a six-figure drone business with just these three things

Drones have the power to radically transform UK productivity as both public and private organisations can work faster, safer, and more accurately than ever before while minimising time spent on-site and accelerating the delivery of projects.

Join Jamie Cording, Education Business Development Manager at COPTRZ Academy, Mark Elliot of S4G Drones and Steve Coulson, co-founder of Coptrz, for this 45-minute webinar to learn the only three things you’ll ever need to get your drone business off to a flying start.



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Scanning Conisbrough Viaduct with the Emesent Hovermap

Unboxing the Flyability ELIOS 2 with Drone Inspection expert, George Burne

Unboxing the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with Drone Inspection expert, George Burne

Unboxing the Matrice 300 RTK with Drones for Public Safety expert, Sam Denniff

Unboxing the Parrot ANAFI USA with Drones for Public Safety expert, Sam Denniff

Unboxing the Sky Hero Loki 2 with Drone for Public Safety Expert, Sam Denniff

How are Yorkshire Water using Drones? With Drone Inspection expert, George Burne

How Local Councils can utilise drone technology to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency

COPTRZ CON Day 1 Playlist featuring: Phase One, Buckingham Group, Brigantes Consulting, Lorenz Technology, Flyability and RaptorUAS

COPTRZ CON Day 2 Playlist featuring: Northumbria Water, Networx3, Sellafield, Wingtra, Project Seagrass, GeoAccess, Parrot, Pix4D, Randall Warnas and Lowland Rescue

Women in Drones with RaptorUAS, Networx3, Picterra, Iprosurv, Arcadis and Drone Prep

Exploring on the man drone capability for military with Brigantes Consulting

Trust + Tech – Live debate in partnership with Aerial Uptake featuring Severn Trent, Sellafield, Drone Prep and Lowland Rescue

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