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How to use UAVs in police operations

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    Explore the "How to use UAVs in police operations" course, delving into UAV integration within law enforcement. Uncover UAV benefits and their adaptable applications, study drone essentials, and legal considerations. Enhance safety protocols with pre-flight checks, situational awareness, and emergency procedures. Discover effective flight planning techniques, thermal data collection, and automated surveillance. Conclude with a recap and exam, mastering the blend of drones and law enforcement for optimal effectiveness.


    How to use UAVs in police operations

    £147.00 Excl. VAT

    Module Overview:
    This module introduces the course and its objectives, laying out the structure and content that participants will engage with.

    Module 1: Introduction to Drones in Law Enforcement

    Lesson 1 – Introduction: Offers an initial glimpse into the role of drones in law enforcement and their potential impact.
    Lesson 2 – Benefits of Using Drones: Explores the advantages that drones bring to law enforcement operations.
    Lesson 3 – Applications: Delves into the diverse range of applications where drones can be effectively employed by law enforcement agencies.
    Module 2: Drone Technology

    Lesson 1 – Drone Essentials: Provides a foundational understanding of drone technology and its essential components.
    Lesson 2 – Selecting Your Drone: Guides participants through the process of selecting an appropriate drone for law enforcement operations.
    Module 3: Legal Considerations

    Lesson 1 – Civil Aviation Authority Requirements: Examines the legal requirements set by aviation authorities for drone operations.
    Lesson 2 – Emergency Exemptions: Covers protocols for emergency situations that may necessitate exceptions to standard regulations.
    Lesson 3 – EVLOS and BVLOS Permissions (OSC): Clarifies the permissions required for Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations through Operational Safety Cases (OSC).
    Lesson 4 – Covert Surveillance – Legal Considerations: Explores the legal considerations when employing drones for covert surveillance.
    Lesson 5 – Flight Logging and Occurrence Reporting: Covers the importance of maintaining flight logs and reporting any incidents or occurrences.
    Module 4: Safety Considerations

    Lesson 1 – Pre-Flight Inspection and Checks: Emphasizes the criticality of pre-flight inspections and checks for ensuring safe drone operations.
    Lesson 2 – Situational Awareness: Discusses the significance of maintaining situational awareness during drone missions.
    Lesson 3 – Emergency Procedures: Outlines emergency protocols and procedures to address unforeseen situations during drone operations.
    Module 5: Flight Planning

    Lesson 1 – Planning Ahead: Guides participants through effective flight planning techniques for successful drone operations.
    Lesson 2 – Thermal Data Collection and SAR: Explores the use of drones in thermal data collection and Search and Rescue (SAR) scenarios.
    Lesson 3 – Photogrammetry for Scene Reconstruction: Demonstrates how photogrammetry can be employed for accurate scene reconstruction.
    Lesson 4 – Automated Perimeter Surveillance: Explores the utilization of drones for automated perimeter surveillance in law enforcement contexts.
    Lesson 5 – Indoor Operations: Covers considerations and techniques for conducting drone operations in indoor environments.
    Course Summary and Exam:

    Course Summary: Recaps the key points and takeaways from the course, reinforcing the learning journey.
    End of Course Exam: Concludes the course with an exam that assesses participants’ understanding of the material covered in all modules and lessons.

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