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Public Safety

Drones can be used for search and rescue, crowd monitoring, and disaster response. Demographic might include law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency services personnel.

Surveying & Construction

Drones can be used for land surveying, construction site monitoring, and infrastructure inspection. Demographic might include civil engineers, surveyors, and construction managers.

Asset Integrity & Inspection

Drones can be used for inspecting infrastructure such as bridges, towers, and buildings. Demographic might include structural engineers and maintenance staff.

Government Body

Drones can be used for land management, emergency response, and infrastructure inspection. Demographic might include city planners, government officials, and environmental health.

Energy & Renewables

Drones can be used for inspecting wind turbines, solar panels, and power lines. Demographic might include renewable energy engineers and maintenance staff.

Oil & Gas

Drones can be used for pipeline monitoring, leak detection, and inspection of oil and gas infrastructure. Demographic might include oil and gas engineers and maintenance staff.

Agriculture & Forestry

Drones can be used for crop monitoring, irrigation management, soil analysis, and pest control. Demographic might include farmers, agricultural scientists, and foresters.

Military & Defence

Drones can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and in some cases, combat. Demographic might include military personnel, defense contractors, and strategists.

Coptrz Sport


Drones can be used for filming sporting events, athlete training, and in some cases, drone racing. Demographic might include sports broadcasters, athletes, and sports event organisers.

Drones education

Research & Education

Drones can be used in scientific research, field studies, and educational projects. Demographic might include researchers, professors, and students in relevant fields.


Drones can be used for surveillance and monitoring of private properties or public spaces. Demographic might include security firms, private investigators, and security officers.


Drones can be used for marine research, search and rescue, and ship inspection. Demographic might include marine biologists, coast guard personnel, and ship captains. We sell underwater drones as well as airframes.



Drones can be used for recreational flying and drone racing. Demographic might include enthusiasts who enjoy flying drones as a hobby.

Drone service provider

Drone Service Provider

Drones can be used to provide services like aerial photography, surveying, and inspection. Demographic might include entrepreneurs and technologically savvy individuals who provide these services.

Film & Media

Drones can be used for aerial videography and photography. Demographic might include filmmakers, photographers, and media companies.


Other Industries

This is a catch-all category that could include any other potential uses for drones. Demographic could vary widely depending on the specific use case.


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