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How Venezuelan Drone Assassination Attempt Could Have Been Prevented


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August 07, 2018

The need for drone detection at major events recently came to light following an assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president.

Nicolas Maduro (Venezuelan president) survived the attack after several drones armed with explosives flew towards him during a speech at a military parade. Maduro was fortunate to come out of the situation unharmed as the drones missed and hit a nearby building. The real question following this though, is how can this be prevented in the future?

At COPTRZ we believe this seriously highlights the need for drone detection at temporary major events like this. While drones are mostly used to provide valuable services, they can also be used for less desirable purposes such as this.

How can these events stop being disrupted by drone?

As you can see the threat of drones causing disruption to any public or private event is very real. The organisers of such events, therefore, need to take the risks seriously by implementing drone detection systems which can identify rogue drone activity in the area and shut it down if necessary.

DJI AeroScope is one such solution which is designed to identify drones which enter the protected airspace. AeroScope can be deployed as a mobile solution which is suitable for contractors providing security for temporary public events such as music festivals or as a fixed solution which provides 24-hour protection for football stadiums and arenas.

The system has a range of up to 25 miles and can help identify rogue drone activity, relaying important information such as the direction of travel, airspeed, drone model serial number and even the location of the ground controller. This enables security or law enforcement to attend the location to warn the offender about unauthorised drone use.

Steve Coulson, Managing Director and Founder of COPTRZ commented on the incident saying:

“This isn’t the first incident at an event to highlight the importance of drone detection. We need to take control of this now before it escalates out of control. The time to act is now before it’s too late and there is another major incident that results in loss of life. Drones are a majorly important part of our future, but we need to ensure they are kept under certain restraints. Drone detection is going to play a key part in event security moving forward.”

For more information about how AeroScope can help protect your next event, get in touch with the drone mitigation experts at COPTRZ. We can help you identify the threats and provide the solution to protect against them. You can either call us on 0330 111 7177 or email us at

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