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Commercial UAV Surveying Course

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    Do you work in Surveying, Civil Engineering, Groundworks or Construction?

    Are you a survey business playing catch-up and want to learn how to introduce drones to your workflows?

    Are you using drones for surveys already but want to expand your drone service capability?

    If the answer is yes then here’s the one online course you need to enrol on this year, developed and curated by the UK’s leading expert in drone surveying.

    If you want to access years of experience distilled into one handy, digestible and accessible eLearning platform then read on…

Is this course for you?

Speak to our drone surveying expert James Pick to find out


Who created this course?

The Commercial UAV Surveying Course is an online course put together by James Dunthorne,  an industry thought leader with over 10 years experience in the drone industry, and 5 years in surveying.

James has helped a large number of companies to integrate drone technology within their businesses, obtain advanced permissions from the CAA, and achieve repeatable engineering-grade accuracies from drone photogrammetry data.

The experience and knowledge you’ll have access to by enrolling on the Commercial UAV Surveying Course from James will be invaluable to your organisation whether you are only just getting started with drone technology, or you are trying to optimise and advance your surveying outputs.

Meet the course creator in this 15-min Q&A

Hear from the course creator James Dunthorne and Coptrz Surveying industry expert James Pick to find out what the course entails, who it’s aimed at and what skills you’ll have after completing.

“James’s approach to UAS Safety has had a hugely positive impact on the organisations he has worked with, but also the clients they have operated on behalf of. It was Jame’s work that has revolutionised Rail Network Inspections in the UK through utilising unmanned systems.”

David Walters, Altitude Angel

✓ If you’re a Drone Service Provider you’ll be armed with the knowledge to win and deliver business in the surveying space

✓ If you’re an existing Survey, Geotechnical or Civil Engineering organisation you’ll have a simple way to start using drone effectively

✓ You’ll fill the knowledge gap in capturing high-quality data and photogrammetric theory

✓ You’ll have proof that you’ve got this essential knowledge and capability with an endorsed certificate

✓ It will enhance and refresh your skills in the drone surveying space



✓ Learn online at your own pace with 12 modules to go through on COPTRZ Academy Learning Platform

✓ The course is accessible on multiple devices including tablet, Apple Mac and PC

✓ The course will take approximately 10 hours to complete and Coptrz Academy tracks your progress through each module

✓ You’ll learn through short videos including practical survey demonstrations and interactive content

✓ You’ll get a certificate on completion from an independent UK accreditation body

12 Modules

Module 1-4

✓ Module 1 – An introduction to Drone Surveying

✓ Module 2 -Drone mapping and photogrammetry

✓ Module 3 – Digital Camera Components

✓ Module 4 – How to control a survey

Module 5-8

✓ Module 5 – How to capture Survey-grade data

✓ Module 6 – How to process your data including process workflow and software

✓ Module 7 – How to extract your Data and control Photography outputs

✓ Module 8 – How to achieve survey-grade accuracy with your data

Module 9-12

✓ Module 9 – Quality Assurance and Implementation

✓ Module 10 – Equipment and Safety

✓ Module 11 – Planning your Survey covering Topographical, Mapping, 3D and BIM Surveys

✓ Module 12 – Topographical & Mapping Surveying


“Since 2018 Coptrz have become our sole training provider. Along with pilot NQE qualifications, vocational lessons have also been given on how to use drones to complete survey-grade photogrammetry, We’ve purchased a host of assets from Coptrz and made them our “one-stop-shop” for all things UAV.”

Jonathan Wales, Head of Videography and Aerial Solutions, COSTAIN

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