The 4G robotic UAV

4G Internet connectivity – uninterrupted connection and in-flight file transfer.

48 MP camera – capture incredible aerial images for 2D & 3D models.

✓ Autonomous Photogrammetry – effortlessly repeat previous missions.

✓  Compatible with the Pix4D Suite – streamline your workflows.

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Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before

✓ Fly with confidence, ANAFI AI’s connection to 4G means you no longer have to worry about signal ranges or disconnections.

✓ With a 180° degree vertical rotation, ANAFI Ai’s can capture images drones have previously struggled with.

✓With a wider field of view and 1.5x higher altitude achieved by the 48MP sensor, reduces your number of flights and makes your operations faster.

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Commerical Applications of Parrot Anafi AI


Buildings, Infrastructures, Telecom Towers, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Pipe-Lines, Refineries.

3D mapping & Photogrammetry

Mapping, Surveying, 3D modelling, Orthophotography.


Automated Surveillance, Real Estate, Insurance Video Creation 

✓ Parrot ANAFI Ai is the first and only off-the-shelf drone to connect to the 4G network. You will no longer experience transmission limitations with its connectivity, which enables precise control at any distance.

✓ Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve reduced the risk of flyaways through ANAFI Ai’s 4G connectivity rather than the traditional controller connectivity.

✓ ANAFI Ai saves you time by reducing the number of overlap flights through a wider field of view and 1.5x higher altitude achieved by its 48MP sensor, allowing the ANAFI Ai to fly 2x quicker than any other drone on the market.


4G: Internet Connectivity

Connected without range limit Flies beyond Visual Line of Sight Worldwide compatibility

Commercial Drone Suppliers

48 MP Camera

4K 60 fps: Smooth video HDR10: Realistic colours 14 EV: Dynamic Range 6x zoom: 1 cm details at 75 m (240 ft)

course type

Autonomous Photogrammetry

Shoots 48 MP at 1 fps Survey grade accuracy: 0.46 cm/px GSD at 30 m (100ft) Embedded Pix4D flight planning 4G transfer to Pix4DCloud

Commercial Drone Suppliers

Cybersecruity by Design

No data shared by default Strong authentication for 4G

A Unique Robotic Platform

Software development kit with onboard coding capabilities Full open-source App The largest Partner Ecosystem for Drones

Autonomous Flight

ANAFI Ai’s uniquely designed obstacle-avoidance (OA) system detects obstacles in all directions Using stereo cameras to sense objects and automatically avoid them ANAFI Ai automatically determines the best trajectory to pursue its mission

Get the inside scoop on ANAFI Ai in the Drone World Podcast

Regional Director of Parrot, Asif Gillani, recently joined us in the studio to speak about the brand new ANAFI Ai. Asif takes us right back to the beginning when Parrot first started out making BlueTooth car kits, right up to the present day launch of ANAFI Ai.

Listen to the Drone World podcast now! 


Thames water
severn trent water

Meet George Burne 

Business Development Manager for the Inspection Industry

George joined Coprtz 4 years ago and has worked with a wide array of organisations, enabling them to incorporate a UAV solution within their operations. George has enhanced business performance in organisations like Severn Trent Water, EDF Energy and TEXO by providing a complete drone solution. George’s expertise lies in reducing risk, improving the data collected and cutting operational costs by using a drone solution where possible alongside traditional inspection methods. Book your free consultation with George below to discuss your options for the Parrot ANAFI Ai.

*Coptrz are a certified reseller for Parrot 


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  • How does the 4G connectivity work?

  • What are the capabilities of the camera?

  • What software is the data compatible with?

  • How does autonomous photogrammetry work?

  • What is the flight time for the ANAFI Ai?