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The 4G robotic UAV

  • 4G Internet connectivity – uninterrupted connection and in-flight file transfer.
  • 48 MP camera – capture incredible aerial images for 2D & 3D models.
  • Autonomous Photogrammetry – effortlessly repeat previous missions.
  • Compatible with the Pix4D Suite – streamline your workflows.

Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before

Fly with confidence, ANAFI AI’s connection to 4G means you no longer have to worry about signal ranges or disconnections.

With a 180° degree vertical rotation, ANAFI Ai’s can capture images drones have previously struggled with.

Commerical Applications of Parrot Anafi AI



Buildings, Infrastructures, Telecom Towers, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Pipe-Lines, Refineries.



Mapping, Surveying, 3D modelling, Orthophotography.

parrot anafi ai


Automated Surveillance, Real Estate, Insurance Video Creation



Parrot ANAFI Ai is the first and only off-the-shelf drone to connect to the 4G network. You will no longer experience transmission limitations with its connectivity, which enables precise control at any distance.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve reduced the risk of flyaways through ANAFI Ai’s 4G connectivity rather than the traditional controller connectivity.

ANAFI Ai saves you time by reducing the number of overlap flights through a wider field of view and 1.5x higher altitude achieved by its 48MP sensor, allowing the ANAFI Ai to fly 2x quicker than any other drone on the market.



4G Internet Connectivity

ANAFI Ai’s 4G connectivity allows you to operate without range limits, enabling BVLOS operations with worldwide compatibility


Autonomous Photogrammetry

ANAFI Ai provides survey grade accuracies, shooting 48MP a 1fps and captures 0.46cm/px GSD at 30m (100ft)


A Unique Robotic Platform

ANAFI Ai comes with onboard coding capabilities and a full open-source app for you to create your own third-party solutions

ANAFI Ai_open
Commercial Drone Suppliers

48MP Camera

Shooting 4K @ 60fps, ANAFI Ai shoots smooth videos with realistic colours and dynamic range

Commercial Drone Suppliers


ANAFI Ai shares no data by default settings, keeping your data secure and transferring safely via 4G


Autonomous Flight

ANAFI Ai’s uniquely design obstacle-avoidance system detects obstacles in all directions using stereo cameras. This allows ANAFI to automatically determine the best trajectory to pursue its mission.

Get the inside scoop on ANAFI Ai in the Drone World Podcast

Regional Director of Parrot, Asif Gillani, recently joined us in the studio to speak about the brand new ANAFI Ai. Asif takes us right back to the beginning when Parrot first started out making BlueTooth car kits, right up to the present day launch of ANAFI Ai.

Listen to the Drone World podcast now!



Meet George Burne

Business Development Manager for the Inspection Industry

George joined Coprtz 4 years ago and has worked with a wide array of organisations, enabling them to incorporate a UAV solution within their operations. George has enhanced business performance in organisations like Severn Trent Water, EDF Energy and TEXO by providing a complete drone solution. George’s expertise lies in reducing risk, improving the data collected and cutting operational costs by using a drone solution where possible alongside traditional inspection methods. Book your free consultation with George below to discuss your options for the Parrot ANAFI Ai.

*Coptrz are a certified reseller for Parrot


4G is profoundly changing the use cases for drones. With 4G, the data link between the drone and the pilot becomes robust in all circumstances. Already widely and reliably deployed around the world, 4G offers long range transmission at low frequency bands at 700MHz – 900MHz.

Additionally, the 4G connection means professionals can operate the drone at any distance.

Many 4G operators offer quality-of-service guarantees for first responders, such as firefighters and police.

ANAFI Ai itself does not require a subscription; users can utilise any SIM card capable of sending data. Parrot provides its users with an encrypted infrastructure that works with all smartphones.

ANAFI Ai’s Quad Bayer sensor offers 14 EV of dynamic range in HDR10 mode. It catches all the details both in highlights and shadows.

Inspection professionals can use the 6x digital zoom to observe 1 cm details at a distance of 75 m.

The controllable gimbal tilt range (from -90° to +90°) gives professionals access to complex points of view such as the underside of a bridge structure.

The hybrid image stabilization on 6 axis (3-axis mechanical, 3-axis electronic) ensures sharp photos even in crosswinds of up to 14 m/s.

P-Log format allows professionals to retain more information with raw files.

ANAFI Ai images are compatible with all photogrammetry software suites. With Pix4D, the market leader in photogrammetry software, Parrot has pushed the integration one step further. During the flight, ANAFI Ai sends the pictures to Pix4Dcloud directly. Computation starts when the drone lands so that professionals gain productivity by avoiding manual time-consuming data transfer.

ANAFI Ai’s biomimetic form factor mimics nature’s fitness. Its swivel head has an omni-directional camera, ensuring precise obstacle avoidance in every flight direction. When obstacles are detected, ANAFI Ai automatically determines the best trajectory to pursue its mission.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence allows for photogrammetry-specific flight plans to be performed automatically, optimizing productivity, and saving time. Professionals can generate optimized missions based on the land registry of the building selected in just one click.

ANAFI Ai’s Quad Bayer 48 MP sensor delivers survey-grade accurate 2D and 3D models. It offers the same precision as drones with a 1″ 20MP sensor, while flying 1.8 times higher. A GSD of 0.46 cm/px is obtained at an altitude of 30 m. Pictures can be captured at 1fps, 2x faster than any other drone in the market.

The flight time for the Parrot ANAFI Ai is 32 minutes.