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Coptrz Partner with Lorenz Technology

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June 23, 2021


    We recently announced our new partnership with Lorenz Technology to provide automated drone solutions in the UK for security and first responders. As the UK’s leading commercial drone experts, this is an exciting partnership as Coptrz will become the official seller of Lorenz Technology in the UK.

    What Products do Lorenz Technology Offer?

    Based in Denmark, Lorenz produce artificial intelligence software for drones and robots that are already being used by organisations such as G4S. Coptrz now aim to expand the availability of this technology, creating new business opportunities within the sector.

    Coptrz CEO Steve Coulson stated that “COPTRZ has built its brand and market leading position by finding the Best-in-World drone technology to provide to our customer base in a total 360° solution. We are very pleased to partner with Lorenz Technology as they lead the world in their field.”

    For information on how this technology can help your business, you can contact our business development manager- Sam Denniff

    Now lets have a look at what products Lorenz technology offer!

    The Lorenz Al-Link

    The Lorenz Al-Link offers artificial intelligence for UAVs and UGVs. It can be mounted onto the drone of your choice and you can then plan your route and collect data, providing an excellent overview of your site. On top of that, you’ll be able to plan autonomous routes while also managing your flights with the Lorenz Hive.

    The Lorenz Al-Link is an edge-computer that offers on-board data processing, which is then sent over to the web interface that you’ll find on the Lorenz Hive. The latency is less than half a second, so it’s an incredible real-time solution for performing autonomous drone flights. You can train an unmanned vehicle to follow pre-planned routes and detect incidents on its journey. The 3rd generation Lorenz AI-Link can be operated with your DJI OSDK, MAVLink, or ROS.

    The Lorenz Hive

    The Lorenz Hive is a software solution that allows you to plan your routes and offers real-time video streaming of your autonomous flights. This service software is designed to connect with the Lorenz Al-Link and provides intelligent recognition of incidents with the real-time video stream while also archiving any data in the cloud platform.

    Designed to be the one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market, it supplies users with an easy-to-navigate interface, also giving you the option to operate multiple locations at one time and overlook various drone applications simultaneously.

    Being cloud-based, Lorenz Hive can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Multiple sites can be managed with one system, and numerous tasks can also be completed on each site. You’ll enjoy various video formats and can receive optic and thermal data. Finally, through the use of the archive function, you can manage all your data and documentation.

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    Offering Intelligent Drone Solutions Across Europe

    In recent years, Lorenz Technology has expanded its operations across multiple markets. They are currently operating within Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany and are continuing to establish a wider network of local resellers. Lorenz Technology’s Sales Director Søren Land commented that: “The entire business model of Lorenz Technology is based on delivering our unique product Lorenz Hive and Lorenz AI-Link through a market-leading local partner with the highest standards on professionalism, tech-knowledge and trustworthiness.”

    He went on to say, “We searched the UK market and from the very beginning we were impressed by the professional approach provided by Coptrz. With the track record from ports, security companies, defence we hold as a team, Coptrz and Lorenz Technology will mark an obvious go-to for companies and authorities that focuses on drone-tech to drive digitalization, security, surveillance and inspection.”

    At Coptrz, we know this technology will revolutionise the experience for our customers, offering them innovative technology like nothing else that’s currently on offer in the UK. “We look forward to enhancing our new and existing customer base with this ground-breaking technology,” added CEO of Coptrz, Steve Coulson.

    Over the years, Coptrz have worked with companies such as BMW, Ford, Thames Water, and Pfizer, catering each solution to their own needs. Coptrz were the first and only dedicated experts in commercial drone solutions, currently boasting the widest range of ‘best in class’ commercial drones in the world. We understand that everyone is different, which is why we don’t offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.

    For information, contact our business development manager – Sam Denniff

    Source: TechTalent

    Working with Coptrz

    When working with Coptrz, you’ll know you are in safe hands as we are the only commercial drone experts certified to the government Cyber Essentials scheme. With over 5,000+ students enrolled on Coptrz Academy Drone Training courses, we are continuously staying ahead of the competition in the industry. Coptrz can provide drone pilot training certified by ELCAS for Armed Forces personnel resettlement training, and we also offer lifelong CPD with certified GVC & Ofqual 5 and qualifications. On top of the training and advice we can offer you, we are proud to be certified to ISO14001, showing our dedication to protecting the environment.

    For more information about the partnership between Coptrz and Lorenz Technology and how their technology can assist your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We are excited to now be the official seller of Lorenz Technology in the UK and will work with you to understand how this solution can benefit your company this year.

    For more information, contact our Public Safety & Defence Business Development Manager, Sam Denniff!


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