Parrot ANAFI Ai

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The Parrot ANAFI Ai is a 4G robotic UAV designed for professional use. With autonomous photogrammetry capabilities and a 48 MP camera, it sets new standards for drones at work.

  • Transfer files in-flight via the cloud
  • No range limit with 4G internet connectivity
  • Stay connected globally with continuous internet access


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Parrot ANAFI Ai - The Future of Professional Drones

Discover the Parrot ANAFI Ai, a 4G robotic UAV that's setting new standards for professional drones. This video showcases the drone's autonomous photogrammetry capabilities and its 48 MP camera. Watch as we demonstrate how the ANAFI Ai, inspired by nature, provides features that really matter for your work. Whether for large scale mapping or other professional applications, the Parrot ANAFI Ai is your solution for advanced aerial operations.

Introducing the Parrot Anafi Ai, the first drone to offer 4G connectivity. This innovative feature allows the drone to maintain a stable connection even when it’s out of sight, providing you with the freedom to explore without limits.

The Anafi Ai is equipped with a 48MP camera that captures stunning 4K HDR videos and high-resolution photos. With a 180-degree vertical tilt gimbal, you can capture images from unique angles, making it perfect for a wide range of applications from inspection to cinematography.

The drone’s advanced Ai capabilities enable it to navigate complex environments with ease. It uses obstacle detection and avoidance technology to ensure safe flights, and its autonomous flight modes allow you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

The Anafi Ai is also designed with user convenience in mind. It’s lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport. The drone’s battery provides up to 32 minutes of flight time, and it can be easily swapped out for extended use.

With the Parrot Anafi Ai, you’re not just investing in a drone, but a tool that brings together cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design to deliver unparalleled performance. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the Anafi Ai is a game-changer in the world of drones.

Key Features

  • Conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights
  • Stay connected globally with continuous internet access
  • Enjoy real-time streaming with 12 Mbps video bitrate and low latency 1080p streaming
  • Transfer files in-flight via the cloud
  • No range limit with 4G internet connectivity

4G Connectivity

The ANAFI Ai drone integrates a 4G radio module, allowing for 1080p video transmission with minimal latency (300 ms) without range limit, anywhere in the world. It supports over 28 frequency bands, covering more than 98% of global frequencies.

Automatic Network Switch

The drone measures the quality and capacity of the 4G and Wi-Fi networks every 100 ms to adapt the streaming to network conditions. When Wi-Fi throughput drops below 1.5 MBps, the system automatically switches to 4G, and vice versa, ensuring a seamless video stream.

Optimised Video Stream

The implemented video stream optimisation algorithms allow for measurement of packet loss and latency, adapting the throughput accordingly. The ANAFI Ai connects to the 4G remote control in less than 30 seconds when out of Wi-Fi range, and in less than 15 seconds when within Wi-Fi range.

Omni-directional Transmission System

ANAFI Ai features 4 directional antennas with a reflector, determining the best antenna pair based on its orientation and position relative to the pilot. The radio gain of ANAFI Ai is strong and homogeneous.

High Power Radio Front-End Design

The radio front end maximises power at the foot of the antenna with excellent linearity and sensitivity, reaching the maximum power of the FCC limit.

Robust Wi-Fi Connection

ANAFI Ai optimises a subset of protocol parameters for drone use cases, including aggregation, number of retries, MiMo technology (STBC), management frame datarate, and disconnection conditions.

Smart Interference Avoidance System

ANAFI Ai continuously monitors its connection status and can detect the presence of interference, dynamically optimising the throughput and the size of the transmitted packets. It also alerts the pilot if he is in a particularly interference-laden environment, or if he is close to losing the signal. ANAFI Ai has a channel avoidance algorithm (dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) in case of interference detection. At the limit of its range and if the conditions allow it, ANAFI Ai can switch to 10 MHz bandwidth to improve its sensitivity by 3 dB and gain 40% in range.

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