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    Advance beyond the A2 CofC with the GVC for professional drone pilots  

    Fast-track your GVC Training course on one of our industry-leading GVC Classroom courses. Two days in the classroom with an experienced drone training instructor and one day on your flight test. If you’re wanting to upgrade your online course to a classroom course, get in touch with the team now.

    What gives you a competitive advantage over the rest?

    It could be your expert knowledge.

    That’s why you need a training provider that offers OFQUAL-accredited drone training, global qualifications, and ongoing support from industry experts across the world.

    By taking your GVC with Coptrz Academy, you’ll get access to benefits that are exclusive only to our students:

    You’ll be joining monthly GVC accelerator sessions with our training team, LIVE Drone Talks with Jamie Cording and the chance to speak to our industry experts across a range of sectors including inspection, surveying, real estate and public safety. On top of this, you’ll get a monthly operations manual review.

    We are the only training provider that allows you to take your exam 24/7.


    Meet Your Trainers

    When you’re training at Coptrz Academy, our trainers will be there to support you throughout your journey.

    In this short video, they explain what the GVC Drone Training Course is, what is included in the course, and what you need to do to achieve your GVC.

    The training team will be with you every step of the way during your drone training, you will quickly get to know them. You can expect to see Harry and Duncan quite often in our regular LIVE drone regulations explainer sessions which you have access to for free!


    What is the General “Visual Line of Sight” Certificate (GVC)?

    The General “Visual Line of Sight” Certificate or GVC as its more commonly known is the drone training and qualification needed to be able to apply to the CAA for Operational Authorisation. Your operational authorisation will allow you to Operate UAS in the specific category under the new UAS regulations that came into effect on December 31st 2020.

    Our online GVC drone training course is OFQUAL Level 4 accredited meaning you can rest assured knowing you are training with the best and you’ll have the certificate to prove it.

    Classroom and online courses available

    Our GVC course is OFQUAL Level 4 accredited

    A practical flight assessment with one of our trainers is required


8 Flight Test Locations



Drone solutions for police - Ministry of defence
Thames water
severn trent water

Colin Whyte, Geoff Neal Roofing

“…It was a hugely enjoyable course and always clear and concise through the modules, and the option to learn at my own pace was very beneficial. When it came to the operations manual and the assessment phase it was always clear and communications were prompt and informative. The flight assessment was friendly and was allowed to carry out in a relaxed manner which certainly helped with the nerves I had leading up to it…”

Marek Topoly, Muehlhan Wind Service

“Online training course was created in a very professional and effective way. I really enjoyed each module and all the outstanding questions were answered from COPTRZ team immediately. Webinars are informative with lots of great and interesting stuff. The overall exam process from booking till test day is well explained and guided through properly with all the support you need. Very knowledgeable people. I can only recommend COPTRZ.”

Dr Laurent Duvergé, Kestrel Wildlife Consultants

“I have trained with COPTRZ for a number of years, at several of their training venues and on-line, and am now going through the A2CofC and GVC licensing process with them. I’ve always encountered very knowledgeable staff and course instructors, and the course material has always been up to date. The whole process has been made easy by having a very efficient booking system, and I look forward to dealing with them in the future, as I expand my business.”

  • What if I don’t pass?

    Theory resit fees are £49+VAT, Practical flight assessment resit fees are £174 + VAT.

  • Can I use my ELCAS Credits to take this course?

    Yes! If you are current or ex-military our courses are available to enrol on using your ELCAS Credits, find out more here. 

  • What is the difference between a GVC and PfCO?

    They are two completely different things. A GVC is the competency requirements and certificates required to apply for an Operational Authorisation. A GVC is much like the NQE certificates candidates received from completing a course to be able to apply for a PfCO.

  • Are there any more costs I need to know of?

    Yes, public liability insurance will be required to take your flight test as part of the GVC course and for flights once you complete your course when not flown for recreational purposes. There is also an application fee for the Operational Authorisation payable to the CAA.

  • How do I book onto GVC drone course?

    Enquire below to get in touch with a member of our team!


No frills online GVC course with flight test.

£497 + Vat



Add an OFQUAL 4 Certificate to prove your competence and professionalism.

£597 + Vat



Accelerate your GVC with the whole package including A2 CofC, GVC, Flight Test, OFQUAL 4 certificate and a live GVC accelerator masterclass with our training team!

£698 + Vat

PFCO to GVC Conversion Course

Already have a PfCO but want to convert it into a GVC?

£247 + Vat



Everything you need into one handy bundle.

What’s included?

• GVC General “Visual Line of Sight” Certificate online course – worth £497
• OFQUAL Level 4 Certificate – worth £150
• Live GVC accelerator masterclass – worth £99
• A2 CofC “Certificate of Competency” online course (exam included) – worth £97
• Certificate on completion
• Lifetime membership to Coptrz Training Academy for ongoing learning online
• Ongoing support from our industry experts and technical support team
• Access to Coptrz Pilots Facebook Group

£698 + Vat

£99 + Vat

While online learning offers many advantages like flexible, self-paced study, it’s a new experience for many of us, and sometimes you just need a little extra support.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new, live GVC accelerator masterclass with our expert training team – think of it as your virtual classroom. In 60 minutes, Harry and the team will provide you with an in-depth run-through of the GVC course, extra exclusive content to further expand your knowledge and understanding, and answer all your questions in a live Q&A.

Complete your GVC course even faster with us by your side. If you’re interested in purchasing a GVC Accelerator Masterclass, get in touch with our team today.




Now that you're enrolled you'll have access to our exclusive Coptrz Pilots group where you can chat to experienced Coptrz Alumni and network to your heart's content before you begin your training.

Module 1: Air Law and Responsibilities

The legal stuff. Develop a strong understanding of the rules and regulations around flying UAV in the UK, learn your responsibilities as a UAV operator, how to report accidents and more.

Module 2: UAS Airspace

In this module you'll learn everything you need to know about the operating principles involved in flying your drone.

Module 3: Airmanship and Aviation Safety

How to fly your UAV safely. This module teaches you all about checking the safety of your drone and ensuring that you are safe to fly in the correct way.

Module 4: Human Performance Limitations

Human performance is defined as the human capabilities and limitations which have an impact on the safety and efficiency of aeronautical operations.

Module 5: UAS General Knowledge

Knowing how your aircraft operates is essential for safe flying. This module teaches you all about the principles of flight and how to know if your drone is safe to fly.

Module 6: Operator Responsibilities

Learn all about your responsibilities as a drone pilot in this module. You'll find out the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth flight.

Module 7: Operating Procedures

Bring all of your knowledge together in this final module about VLOS, identifying congested areas, collision avoidance and more.

Pass the Theory Exam

It's time to put your hard work to the test and pass the 40 question multiple-choice exam!

Submit operations manual

Submit your operations manual for our trainers to assess.

Practical Flight Assessment

Finally, you will take your practical flight assessment where a member of our training team will assess your flight skills. We recommend that you have 10 hours of flying experience before you take your practical assessment.


The Drone Laws have changed – Here’s what you need to know


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