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 By adopting drone technology you can benefit from improved efficiency, heightened security and increased safety. We’ve helped organisations like Devon & Cornwall Police, Ministry of Defence and Kent Fire & Rescue Service gain aerial intelligence by introducing drones to their operations.


Drone solutions for police - devon & cornwall police


We’re exhibiting at BAPCO21! The BAPCO Annual Conference and Exhibition brings together the entire UK public safety communications sector to source the latest equipment and systems, develop important business relationships, and generate new business opportunities.

We’ll be collaborating with Northamptonshire Search and Rescue, and also showing off DJI Matrice 300 RTK & the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced!

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Meet Sam Denniff 

Business Development Manager – Public Safety

Sam is our in-house UAV expert for public safety within military, police, fire and search & rescue organisations. Sam has supported the supply of integrated drone solutions to some of the UK’s largest and most pioneering emergency service organisations including Devon & Cornwall Police, Ministry of Defence, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Leicester Police and Air Accidents Investigation Branch.


Drone solutions for police - Business development manager - Sam Denniff

Devon & Cornwall Police

“Drones are having a real impact on policing in the UK, it's given us much better situational awareness to incidents and it's making things a lot safer for our officers.”

PC Tom Shainberg

Northamptonshire Search & Rescue

"When we’re collecting data and information, or researching areas that would traditionally have been done by a helicopter. I saw some numbers like last week it was £1700 an hour for a call out. It’s quite scary the cost of having that aircraft in the sky. So from our point of view, having a drone at that price is a complete no brainer now because they are so cost effective.”

Nick Strelczuk, Team Leader

Norfolk Fire & Rescue

"In the fire service we use drones mainly for situational awareness and to give us a good overview of an incident. We use thermal imaging cameras to find hot-spots and see real-time development of the fire."

Perry Smith

Norfolk Police

Peter Pugh, 75, became separated from friends during a walk and found himself stuck in thick marsh. Norfolk Police found him 21 hours later using a police drone. “There is no doubt that without the police drone we would not have been able to locate him in the time we did.”

Sgt Alex Bucher

West Yorkshire Police

"We wanted a remote vehicle that could get into areas and reduce risks to officers whilst being able to explore and pass back intelligence."

PC Sean Benson

Northamptonshire Search & Rescue’s Story

Once adopting drone technology, Northants SAR were able to use their brand new DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced to find a missing person in less that half the time of using conventional techniques!

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It’s important that you adopt the right drone technology for your needs. Are you wanting a drone to assist your SAR operations? Are you in the military or police and require encrypted hardware?  Do you need a drone that’s light-weight and quick to deploy or an airframe that can gather intel from hundreds of metres away? We’ll make sure you get the best possible solution for your need from the largest range of partners and suppliers.

Thermal Solution - Parrot ANAFI USA SE

  • Parrot ANAFI USA with Controller
  • Batteries, USB Charger and Accessories
  • Tough Carry Case
Training + Extras
  • Thermography Training Course
  • PiX4Dreact 1-year license
  • Handover Training at Leeds HQ
  • 24-month Warranty
  • 12-month Service



DJI Matrice 300 RTK

  • Matrice 300 Aircraft
  • 8 x TB60 Batteries
  • Intelligent Battery Station
  • 2 x Smart Controller Enterprise
  • Carrying Case
  • Charger cables, adaptors, all necessary ancillaries
  • Zenmuse H20T Camera
Training + Extras
  • 2 x GVC & OFQUAL 4 Courses
  • 1 x OFQUAL 5 Chief Pilots Course
  • Operations Manual Review
  • Includes warranty on airframe of 24-months
  • Priority use of COPTRZ DJI Repair Centre
  • Return to base 12-month MOT
  • Servicing Hotline


Sky Hero Loki 2

  • Loki mk 2 Airframe
  • GCS (control unit) and charger
  • 4 Lipo (battery)
  • Tactical bag
  • Spare Pro and Motor set
  • Repair Kit
Training + Extras
  • Handover training sessions
  • Operations Manual Review
  • Includes warranty on airframe of 24-months
  • Return to base 6-month MOTs
  • Servicing Hotline





Get qualified to fly drones in the Public Services with our CAA Drone Training courses.



We work with a number of suppliers to provide a full Public Safety Drones Solution.



Pix4Dreact is a real-time 3D mapping software for fast-response Drone Pilots.


DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

The latest addition to the Mavic Series, with steep upgrades to both the visual and thermal camera. Capable of launching in under 60 seconds, the M2EA is perfect for all Public Safety missions.


This drone is going to change the game for First Responders in Polic, Fire, Military and Search and Rescue.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

The Matrice RTK combined with H20 Camera is a game-changer for the Public Safety sector. Applications included Search and Rescue, Surveillance and Fire safety.

Sky Hero Loki 2

Loki Mk2 provides police officers and soldiers with immediate capabilities to detect, reduce and clear threats in complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

AceCore Zoe

The AceCore Zoe is a highly versatile quadcopter designed for easy transportation and capable of flight times of up to 40 minutes. It's also the ultimate drone for deployment in adverse weather conditions with an IP rating of 55.

Elios 2

The most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor confined space drone. Designed to keep people out of harm’s way while performing inspections in dangerous environments. Find out how West Yorkshire Police have been using the Elios.

Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team

At COPTRZ we’re always looking to support our Search and Rescue teams as much as possible. Earlier this year we launched our Free Online Drone Training for the Emergency Services including Mountain Rescue and SAR teams up and down the country.

Since then, we have taken it one step further and held a competition which gave one lucky search and rescue team the chance to win a Mavic Enterprise Dual to support search and rescue call-outs.

Congratulations to the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team who were the winners of the drone. We know how invaluable drone technology is during search and rescue missions so this will be an asset to their future call outs.

We spoke to Ben Sheard, drone officer at Holme Valley Mountain Rescue, to see how utilising drone technology will transform search and rescue missions.


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