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DJI Update Regarding TB50 and TB55 Batteries

Last updated on

November 9, 2018


    Following the CAA’s safety announcement on the 31st October, a DJI update has been released regarding the TB50 & TB55 batteries. This update will be relevant for users of the Matrice 200 Series, and DJI’s Inspire 2.

    For users of these drones, we wanted to make sure you are aware of this safety notice, and also DJI’s recent update. You should read it carefully and note how it applies to you.

    There are several key points to be aware of: 

    1. They have identified the problem with the battery chip, and are undergoing measures to resolve this with the third-party supplier.
    2. DJI are working closely with the CAA to enable the notice to be lifted, and are hoping to reach a solution in the very near future.
    3. Voltage can be used to monitor the battery levels rather than relying on the battery levels. This, however, doesn’t lift the notice. You need to ensure your battery voltage stays above 3.7V. If your battery reaches 3.7V then it’s important that you land your drone immediately.
    4. There have, so far, been no cases that involve the Inspire 2.
    5. Time-frame: By the end of next week there will be a workaround, this does not, however, totally resolve the issue. They are still awaiting the chip manufacturer to provide a full fix for the issue.
    6. Workaround: The voltage will now be shown more clearly without needing to enter the menu (on DJI Pilot). This will be delivered by way of a firmware update.
    7. The final solution will be firmware based, not hardware, therefore, no recall is expected.

    We will keep you informed of any changes that may occur.  If you don’t already do so, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn so that you may receive notices like this sooner from us.


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