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Lorenz Technology

Fly to collect updated visual data and follow the livestream in real time with sub-second latency. ​


Access all data in Lorenz Hive cloud platform and analyse incidents, generate reports, and track changing conditions.


Share the livestream from ongoing flights in real time or download reports from the cloud achieve on detected incidents and share your analysed data.

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    Product Details

    Lorenz Technology is specialized in delivering software solutions for drones and mobile robots by the implementation of AI, edge-computing, and automation, integrating flight, mapping, and analysis on their platform. Their technology is always evolving based on strategic thinking and data-utilisation, aiming to ensure the best possible service for their customers.


Lorenz AI Link

The Lorenz AI-Link is a powerful onboard edge-computer for UAVs and UGVs. Functioning as the missing link between robot and cloud, the Lorenz AI-Link leverages 4G to connect UAVs and UGVs to the Lorenz Hive cloud platform. The Lorenz AI-Link is capable of controlling traditional pre-planned missions but excels in intelligent data gathering and reactive behaviour through the synergy of onboard control and inference of neural networks.

Intelligent data gathering ensures that only relevant data is captured to reduce bandwidth and avoid GDPR limitations while maintaining sub-second livestream. All features are available in manually operated missions too, supporting ad hoc requirements of e.g. emergency services.

This 3rd generation of the Lorenz AI-Link®= integrates with drones and mobile robots operating with MAVLink, DJI OSDK, or ROS – letting you mount the device on a UAV or UGV of your choice.

Lorenz Hive

Video and data is no longer limited to the screen control of the drone pilot. Lorenz Technology enables smart route and mission planning, optimize work processes, and archive your data in a secure cloud platform.

  • Cloud-based backend system – Access Lorenz Hive from everywhere
  • Perimeter Management – Multiple sites and functionalities in one system
  • Task planning – Complete several tasks per site
  • Real-time streaming with browser access – Easily assist from remote locations
  • Incident notifications – View, export and share alarms and incidents
  • Point of interest – Simply decide focus areas
  • Logbook – Have overview of all tasks completed

Designed to be the one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market, it supplies users with an easy-to-navigate interface, you’ll enjoy various video formats and can receive optic and thermal data. Finally, through the use of the archive function, you can manage all your data and documentation.


Get an insight into Lorenz Technology

Watch the full-featured video for an introduction to Lorenz Hive & Lorenz AI Link with Sales Director Søren Land!