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Aerial Thermal Imaging Category 1 Course – Online

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    Learn how to capture, process and analyze thermal images captured by drone

    Coptrz have partnered with iRed, the UK market leader in thermal drone training to deliver a world-class online Thermal Imaging Course. The course is aimed at professionals working in Asset Inspection and Drone Service Providers.
    This 28-hour e-learning course (equivalent to 4 days) is designed for new and aspiring commercial drone pilots looking to inspect buildings, solar panels and power-lines with thermal cameras. 
    Designed for those new to industry, this course provides students with the skills and knowledge to start using thermal imaging for commercial drone inspections. Ideal for those looking to expand their drone business, the Aerial Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 course introduces the fundamentals of thermal imaging, along with industry insight into the multitude of commercial applications for thermal drone technology. 

30-minute Q&A with iRed’s Ray Faulkner, find out if this course is for you

“We recognised organisations and drone service providers needed a training course that bridged the gap between acquiring thermal imaging cameras and leveraging the technology to its full potential. To unlock sustained business and large contracts specialist training is needed from those who’ve done it before. That’s why we are providing the ultimate online training course in Aerial Thermal Imaging.”


Steve Coulson, COPTRZ Co-founder 

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DJI Zenmuse XT2 drone camera

This 28-hour e-learning course is equivalent to 4 days classroom study and is designed for new and aspiring commercial drone pilots looking to inspect buildings, solar panels and power-lines with thermal cameras. The e-learning course is delivered over 100 learning units, including end-of-topic assessments and video-based practical experiments.

Modules 1-3

Module 1 – Applications of Drone Thermal Imaging

Module 2 – History of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Module 3 – Fundamentals of Thermal Image Analysis

Modules 4-5

Module 4 – Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Module 5 – Basics of Emissivity, Reflectivity and Radiation

Modules 6-7

Module 6 – Reflected Apparent Temperature (RAT)

Module 7 – Thermal Payload Setup

✓ On completion, you’ll hold a certificate to Category 1

Practical Training Upgrade

Want to learn more? Students can also add an additional practical session to learn more about survey setup, data collection, software analysis and report writing

Ray Faulkner – Founder of iRed®

After more than 15 years in the aviation industry as both an airline captain and commercial ground-school instructor, Ray Faulkner founded iRed® in 2002 with the aim of bringing thermal imaging technology into the mainstream industry.

Working alongside leading academic institutions, Ray has helped pioneer new sustainable inspection techniques for a broad range of industries. This includes the creation of the first Ofqual Level 3 & 4 qualifications for thermal imaging in the UK.

Ray is an accredited PCN Category 3 thermographer, CAA approved drone operator and certified training instructor. Alongside his work at iRed®, Ray sits on the BSI Working Group for British ISO Standards, helping to promote and develop the need for certified training within the UK.


  • Do I need to own a drone to attend the course?

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  • How do I access the online course?

  • Do I get a certificate on completion? If so, what is it equivalent to?

  • How long will it take me to complete?

  • Will I have access to a course trainer or any learning support?

  • I’ve found much cheaper courses online. Why is your course a premium price?

  • What cameras / drones do you reccomend you should be operating to make this course worthwhile?


Captured with the Matrice 300 RTK and H20 T



We used the H20 T to inspect Solar Panels at Severn Trent Water

“It’s only in the last few years that thermal imaging technology has progressed to a stage in which infrared cameras can fit into the palm of your hand.”


Ray Faulkner, iRed®