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  • The UK’s ONLY Gold Reseller
  • Make your inspections seamless from start to finish with Inspector 3.0 software
  • You’re in safe hands as Flyability trains our team to teach ELIOS 2 piloting
  • We’ll make sure you get full training and ongoing support to operate with confidence
  • Have an ELIOS 1 and need an upgrade? Get in touch with us for a trade-in


Indoor remote radiation sensing and mapping

Flyability recently announced the latest addition to the ELIOS fleet, the ELIOS 2 RAD. ELIOS 2 RAD offers indoor remote radiation sensing that allows you to safely measure and map nuclear radiation anywhere inside your nuclear station from a non-contaminated zone. Building on an already successful fleet of ELIOS drones, the ELIOS 2 RAD is set to be a game changer for remote inspections.


Maximise your inspection capabilities

✓ The Elios 2 features the most powerful and intelligent lighting system ever built on a commercial drone. It produces 10K Lumen of light for increased situational awareness in large spaces

✓ 7 stability sensors ensure it can hover in place and navigate through unstructured spaces beyond line of sight

✓ Automatic distance lock function ensures smooth inspections of welding or beams

✓ With an overall dimension just below 40 cm (15.7 in) ELIOS 2 fits into standard manholes and can enter any space where an inspection is needed

✓ With its 4K camera optimized for rendering images with a resolution of 0.18 mm/px at 30 cm, Elios 2 provides the level of details professional inspectors would get by standing at an arm’s length of objects of scrutiny

✓ Detecting pitting and cracks has never been easier; Elios 2 features an oblique lighting mode to reveal the texture of surfaces by creating shadows in all asperities


Collect Data you can pinpoint on a Blueprint

Don’t let disorganized data dictate the success of your asset maintenance operations. Start making sense of your ELIOS data in an actionable way:

1 – Visualize
An inspection takes place during and after you fly your drone. The Inspector 3.0 video player lets you review your asset frame by frame and bookmark what’s of interest.

2 – Localize
Your inspection data is mapped into a sparse 3D model of your asset so you’ll always know where your points of interest belong.

3 – Document
Points of interest can be documented, classified, measured, adjusted, overlaid with thermal data, and all of this can be easily packed into a report.




What’s included?

  • Elios 2 UAV
  • 2.4 GHz digital RC and video receiver
  • Samsung android tablet
  • Transport case
  • Battery storage safe bag
  • Toolbox with all required tools for maintenance
  • Micro SD cards – 1x 32 GB, 1x 64 GB
  • Spare cage pentagons
  • Pack of 4 propellers
  • Robot battery charger
  • Robot batteries
  • Introductory Training
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Extended warranty (24 months total)
  • A2CofC Online Course


*Recommended for Tank Inspection

What’s included?

  • Elios 2 UAV
  • 2.4 GHz digital RC and video receiver
  • Samsung android tablet
  • Transport case
  • Battery storage safe bag
  • Toolbox with all required tools for maintenance
  • Micro SD cards – 1x 32 GB, 1x 64 GB
  • Spare cage pentagons
  • Pack of 4 propellers
  • Robot battery charger
  • Robot batteries
  • Introductory Training
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Extended warranty (24 months total)
  • A2CofC Online Course
  • Range extender – 20m antenna extension cable and additional GCS
  • Supply of support equipment in the event of sudden demand (upcoming job during lead time)
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Visualise, localise, and document your inspection data so your team and clients can use it to make critical decisions.

The mapping feature of Inspector 3.0 relies on Visual-Inertial Odometry (VIO). VIO estimates the position and velocity of Elios 2 by using only the input of the primary camera plus the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) attached to it. VIO is a viable alternative to GPS and lidar-based odometry to achieve accurate state estimation.

Add Flyability Inspector 3.0 onto any of our ELIOS 2 Packages for only £3,000


You can use the Elios 2 to capture both visual and thermal data as it carries an optical camera, a thermal camera, and a powerful lighting system.

The ELIOS 2’s payload comes with:

  • A 4K Ultra HD camera
  • A FLIR thermal camera
  • LED lighting with 10,000 lumens.

ELIOS 2 also captures a few other types of data:

  • Visual data
  • Thermal data
  • Measurement data
  • Flight parameter data
  • Aircraft information

The short answer to this question is about 10 minutes.

Can the flight time be further increased?

As the ELIOS 2 is engineered for indoor use, it can’t be compared to any other aircraft on the market. Its configuration makes it the best to navigate confined spaces and manage collisions. It is also one of the only drones that can land anywhere, which may significantly extend the mission time depending on the asset configuration.

However, due to its size and the limited amount of space inside the cage, the ELIOS 2 has smaller propellers than its outdoor counterparts with a similar weight. The consequence is a higher disk loading (thrust/propulsion surface), which requires a higher propeller rotation speed leading to reduced motor efficiency and a much higher noise level. In other words, the ELIOS 2 is not optimized for flight performance but for collision resilience.

If you are looking into inspecting confined spaces and want to reach success in your venture, you’ll have to consider trading a few minutes of flight time against the peace of mind provided by a design field-proven for indoor use. When the ELIOS 2 was engineered, the size was factored in first. Then Flyability had to find the best compromise between flight time and the ability to sustain and recover from collisions.

How can I ensure this is enough for my mission?

Whether our products fit your needs is up to your judgment. In the end, only you know how and where you want to use drones. However, here are a few points to consider when assessing if the flight time of ELIOS 2 is enough for your mission.

If you go through proper mission planning, you can easily break down your inspection into unitary flight segments, which are covered in less than 10 minutes. Every flight segment will be performed with a full battery and will return to your base station to swap the battery between flights. Changing an empty battery for a full one takes only a few seconds. These breaks in your flight plan are also an excellent opportunity to review the footage captured during the last flight and ensure you’ve got all the data you need. When acquiring an ELIOS 2, you must consider the batteries required. We recommend nine batteries for a full inspection day, provided you can set up a charging station on the spot.

Confined spaces are usually small. A lot of time is lost in going back and forth from the base station to the spot to inspect, which is true. However, confined spaces are usually small, so the distance base station – point-of-interest is rarely discriminatory to deploying our technology, leaving plenty of time to capture the data you need. Keep in mind that if you don’t do it with a drone, a living person will have to do it, or it won’t be done at all. The choice is yours.

The drone is not ATEX rated.

There’s not a good track record of drone companies trying to produce ATEX products. There was one french company that tried called Xamen – You can look them up – They went bankrupt last year. They were bankrolled by TOTAL – So not exactly lightweight.

The two main issues with ATEX rating are; the propellors, static energy they create, and the battery. Even if you were to switch to wood propellors you would still have the battery. Nonetheless, the majority of our clients, especially here in the UK come from the Oil and Gas industry. So for the most part, a hot work permit would give you all the leeway you need in order to operate in a tank or another ATEX regulated area.

There is a great article where you can read more about this subject on Flyability’s website.

Flyability have done inspections inside nitrogen-filled environments and it works fine, you just need to have a safe recovery system. Obviously if for whatever reason, the drone can’t be recovered safely after the inspection then either you wait for the area to be purged with oxygen or you need to ensure that you can recover the drone without sending a person in there – which negates the idea of using drones to avoid people going into confined spaces.

We have tested it and it works.

A lot of it comes down to prior knowledge of the asset. So you would never fly into an area where you do not have access to blueprints or are not standing next to the engineer that can tell you, “so from here you go there… ETC”. A lot of it comes down to practice. There is a learning curve, and tunnels are notoriously difficult. Sewers are the same, whereas a boiler or a pressure vessel is relatively easy to navigate.

Included in our ELIOS 2 package is an in-depth handover, including training that plays a huge part in adopting the technology into your business. The training includes how to fly the drone and plan an inspection from A to B, including battery management and risk avoidance.

The primary mission of the company and its purpose is to avoid putting humans into confined spaces.

It’s a product with a pitch for everyone you talk to inside a company. If you’re talking to the CFO – you show them the kinds of savings that can be made on inspecting confined spaces, they will be blown away. If you’re speaking to an operations manager then you can tell him that he doesn’t need to put his people up a scaffold or on a rope to inspect a chimney – He’s going to be really happy with that. And when you talk to the maintenance people, you can tell them that you can cut in half the shutdown time. Once again, it’s going to be an immediate win.

So regardless of who you pitch it to, there is a positive argument to be made regarding money, health and safety and business efficiency.

The price is on the application, so if you’d like a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us on the form below. There are Finance options if you want to add the ELIOS 2 to your fleet but spread out the payment cost. For example, you could pay £800-£1,000 pm for three years.


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“Leave your details and I’ll get in touch to find out if the ELIOS 2 is the right solution for you.”

George Burne, Business Development Manager for the Inspection Industry