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DJI FlightHub Launched to Improve Drone Efficiency

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November 8, 2017


    As a DJI Enterprise partner, COPTRZ are pleased to announce the release of the new DJI FlightHub Software, a fully-integrated, web-based drone management solution that delivers tools to help businesses manage live drone operations and pilot teams.

    Meeting the Needs of the Growing Commercial Drone Industry

    A quote taken directly from DJI during the launch of FlightHub at the DJI AirWorks Conference in Denver.

    “As commercial use of drone technology increases each day, businesses need a solution that lets them scale their operations quickly and efficiently manage their growing fleets and teams across multiple locations,” said Jan Gasparic, DJI’s Head of Enterprise Partnerships. “FlightHub is the first solution of its kind that empowers businesses to manage their drone operations in one place, securely, within seconds and from remote locations.”

    What is DJI FlightHub?

    In a nutshell, DJI FlightHub will provide businesses with a clear, centralised view of your drone operations to enable onsite pilots to effectively collaborate with offsite teams. This will prove to be a major breakthrough for commercial drone operators and COPTRZ are excited to see this in action with our customers in the near future.

    Key Features & Benefits

    Map View

    Provide offsite teams with live, map-based drone data for easier coordination of simultaneous flights. Inside Map View, users will be able to view key information from DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) geofencing system to ensure users are aware of local flight safety regulations.

    Real-Time View

    Real-Time View will allow offsite teams to view live video feeds for up to four drones. Unique workflows can be created for teams that need onsite pilots to relay information to offsite engineers for fast decision making.

    Flight Logs & Statistics

    FlightHub includes is a complete web-based data management tool that will store all drone flight data in a secure, searchable database. This will prove to be invaluable for large corporations who require all data to be logged and accessed from one area, electronically.

    Administrators will have the ability to store historical telemetry data for easier regulatory compliance and operations management, and more effective internal communication regarding drone programs.

    Transferable Media Library

    Flight information including photos and videos will transfer directly from the DJI Pilot app into DJI FlightHub, saving time and eliminating the need to manually transfer data from the DJI Pilot app or drone using an SD card (coming soon).

    Easier Fleet Management

    DJI FlightHub improves resource management by providing an overview of teams and fleets, with the ability to set hierarchies for efficient team coordination, effective equipment procurement, and ongoing equipment maintenance.

    Businesses will be able to easily track their equipment usage via each device name, enabling more effective procurement and preventative maintenance.

    Effective Team Management

    DJI FlightHub allows users to establish and manage teams through a hierarchy system of Administrators, Captains, and Pilots. The ability to segment teams by client, location and mission type improves resource and team management.

    Compatible Drones

    When fully released, DJI FlightHub will be compatible with the DJI Matrice 200 SeriesDJI Mavic ProDJI Phantom 4 Series and DJI Inspire 2.

    The software itself will be accessible through any web browser and the data is securely transmitted from the DJI Pilot mobile app for Android running on a user’s mobile device or DJI CrystalSky monitor.

    Beta Testing

    From 14th November – 14th December, DJI is opening up a beta testing program of FlightHub to improve the system and optimise server performance.


    FlightHub will be available on a subscription plan and DJI will be taking pre-orders from November 7th 2017 onwards. DJI FlightHub will be available in three tiers:

    • Basic: Bind up to 5 drones with all features
    • Advanced: Bind up to 10 drones with all features of the Basic plan plus real-time view.
    • Enterprise: Bind more than 10 drones with all features of the Advanced plan plus the ability to integrate data into a private cloud in the future.

    Contact COPTRZ to find out more about DJI FlightHub and how it can help improve the efficiency of your commercial drone operations.


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