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February 12, 2021


Drone Success Stories: Full View Limited

As the drone industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is important to celebrate every success. At Coptrz, we have seen serious alumni come through our academy, all on their way to doing amazing things using drones. From starting their own drone inspection business, to using drones for good – we have covered it all.

Commercial drones are now serving a variety of functions within modern businesses. This week, we caught up with Coptrz alumni Alex Herman to talk about his new venture, Full View Limited.

Starting a Drone Inspection Business: Case Study – Full View Limited 

Full View Limited is an aerial photography and inspection company who use drones to capture accurate imagery and data. Alex Herman, CEO of the company, wanted to provide a service to his customers that is committed to ensuring safe and efficient inspections. We wanted to find out about how he’s found starting a company during a pandemic, and his training journey at Coptrz.

If you’ve been wanting to take the plunge to start your own drone inspection business, this success story may give you the final push you need to do so. Our team of experts are ready to help you start your journey today.

Introduce yourself and tell me how you got into drones…

“In my early teens, I was always flying remote control aeroplanes and helicopters. It was something I enjoyed doing very casually. After finishing sixth form, work life took over and hobbies took a backseat.

“Aviation has always been a passion of mine. When I was growing up I wanted to be a fighter pilot, I very quickly realised that this was something I couldn’t achieve because I was colour blind. Subsequently, now I am short sighted – so it would never have been possible.

“Having always been fairly decent with numbers, and after completing sixth form, where I studied business, I decided to become an accountant. I have been working as an accountant for the last 10 years, but I have always been aware that it wasn’t my forever job.

“The kickstart for me was when the company got bought out by a large company, and the role became less appealing. I was reluctant to go and look for another job in accountancy and was unsure of what I actually wanted to do.

“In 2019, an invoice came across my desk for a drone pilot we had hired to do some inspection work on cooling towers. It completely took me back to flying RC planes, and I wondered if there was a market for it. Then COVID happened, and I was very close to going travelling after I had finished my accountancy job. I planned to travel for a while and then get a job after…that all very quickly changed.

“It wasn’t until September where I realised I needed to change my career now, or I never would. I took the leap of faith and decided to start my own drone inspection business with the help of Coptrz – Full View Limited.”

How did you feel about starting your own company during a pandemic?

“I was excited, I thought that there is no better time than now to reinvent yourself and try something new. The downtime that came with the national lockdown allowed me to really drill down into what I wanted from my next career. Of course, it is a risk to wave goodbye to your career in the midst of a global pandemic but that’s where the real fun begins! I would say if you want something…go for it! Starting my own drone inspection business has been one of the most rewarding things I have done so far – and I’ve only just started.”

What are your aims with Full View Limited?

“Full View Limited aims to connect people and businesses to the world of drones and aerial technology. I want to drive the fact that drones can make operations so much more efficient and safer for customers. I think people are still unaware of how much these devices can do. It’s not just flying a drone for the sake of a hobby!

“If completing an inspection can be done by a drone, rather than putting a human at risk, I’m all for it. I want people to know that the old school ways of carrying our inspections can be updated. Full View Limited has been set up to make people aware of this.

“Since I started Full View Limited I have mainly carried out inspections using my drone. I’ve carried out inspections of roofs, telegraph poles and I have also had a few jobs working with estate agents to get shots of properties which has been exciting.”

How did you come across Coptrz?

“I was doing some research of what qualifications I would need to obtain to be able to fly in a commercial capacity. I came across your website, and all of the content I needed to know was there. I had a couple of conversations with Jamie, who led me down the right path and explained clearly to me what I needed to get started.

Jamie Cording, UAV Strategist for Coptrz

“After speaking with Jamie, I did some market research to see what was out there surrounding the inspection industry. I also did some research into using drones within agriculture. Eventually I would like to get into the surveying industry. However, I live in the Cotswolds, so it is just very green everywhere! I have only been trading for just over a month, so there is still lots for me to have a go at.

“One thing that stood out to me when speaking with Jamie was that we have really got to be educators for this technology. In the short time I have been trading, I have realised that we have got to be able to explain this technology to people and make them aware of how it can benefit them. Businesses and individuals don’t yet know the benefits of using a drone. I recently did an inspection of two commercial warehouse units where the owners wanted to ensure that the roof was in suitable condition. After I had completed the inspection, I found myself explaining the benefits of using a drone to inspect the roof rather than sending someone up to manually inspect it. I do eventually think that people will catch on to the technology!”

You can watch Jamie Cording, our UAV strategist in one of our live webinars where he talks through everything you need to know about starting a drone business here:

What drone are you currently using?

“I am currently using a Parrot ANAFI. I’m enjoying using it, it’s durability is awesome. I will probably expand and get something else when I need it, but for now I am looking forward to seeing how far I can take the Parrot.

“I am excited to use the thermal sensor for solar inspections. I like the challenge of getting in contact with larger companies that have had success to see if I can help increase their business efficiency by using a drone.

“It’s just me working at the moment, however I am thinking about taking on other people in the near future.”

Parrot Anafi Thermal

You can find out more about the Parrot ANAFI here. We have just created a brand new business starter package – “The Parrot ANAFI Work” which includes all the training, hardware, software and ongoing support you will need to get going. You can find out more here.

If you were to get another drone, which one would be next on your list?

“Although I’m quite attached to the Parrot Anafi I can already envisage the fleet growing as the business expands. A drone with the ability to carry a payload suitable for agriculture inspection is the likely addition, possibly DJI. When the time comes I will be doing lots of research into what is the best drone for the job – there is so many different drones out there with lots of different capabilities!”

What are your future plans for using drones?

“At the moment, I am seeing success locally. There is a lot of construction work going on around where I am, so I have been in contact with the construction companies to see if I can help them. Eventually, I would like to be working with bigger companies, on a larger scale. For now I am in the process of getting my name out there, so it’s exciting thinking about what is to come. I would like to progress into working within real estate and looking at how I can use drones to capture amazing photographs of houses for marketing purposes.”

Want to start your own drone inspection business?

Want to start your own drone inspection business? We can help you. We have a range of business starter packages available to help you begin your journey. You can browse our business starter packages here.

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