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Is the DJI M300 RTK the best drone for Public Safety?

With a 55 minute flight time, smart tracking and advanced dual operator features, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK allows pilots to focus more consciously on their mission rather than controlling the drone. With high payload capacity and up to 3 individual payloads mountable at ones, operators need not waste time deciding what payload would be best for a mission, keeping them versatile at all time.

The M300 can make your workflows faster and more cost effective, but ultimately this drone is the perfect solution to help you save lives.

Explore the H20 Series

The M300 RTK is boasts some of the most capable and versatile payloads on the market, two of which being the the DJI Zenmuse H20 & H20T. The H20T is equipped with 3 cameras: a 20MP Zoom (capable of 200x max. zoom & 4K video), a 12MP wide lens, and a top of the range 640×512 thermal camera. The payload will record all three views simultaneously for you to review post mission.

Simple plug and play functionality makes changing payloads simple on site, saving you time and negating the need to take multiple systems with you.

Matrice 300 RTK Key Features:

55 minutes

✔ 55 minute flight time

transmission range

✔ 15km transmission range


✔ 6 Directional Sensors


✔ Primary Flight Display


✔ IP45 Ingress Protection

Self heating Batteries

✔ -20°C to 50°C to Operating Temperature

Hot Swappable

✔ Hot-Swappable Battery

System care

✔ UAV Health Management System


For public safety organisations, your data is of paramount importance. You want the autonomy to control who does and, perhaps more importantly, who doesn’t have access to your account information, photos and videos.

In their newest firmware update to the Matrice M300, DJI have made ground-breaking strides to help you protect your data. DJI designs and builds their hardware and software so you never have to share your data — not with DJI, and not with anyone else, making their flagship drone even more privacy focused.

This firmware version addresses data security concerns at every step, from capture to storage to deletion. It provides options for you to choose enhanced data security options for sensitive missions, or to allow some beneficial connections on missions with no security restrictions. For example, the V3 update allows you to fly the M300 without logging into your DJI account. You can also update firmware for the M300 drone, remote control and payload with a microSD card, so you can stay offline during updates. The M300 V3 firmware lets you choose to opt out of all anonymised performance data collection, or to opt in only partially to help improve future products. Other network security modes and 256-bit encryption mean you can feel safe knowing that all of your personal data and imagery will only be viewed by those you choose to transmit it to.

6 Directional Sensor

The M300 RTK is equipped with 6 directional sensors, providing 360° detection of any objects within 40 metres.

All weather flying

An IP45 rating means that the DJI Matrice 300 RTK is suitable for flying in rain and dusty conditions.

Smart Tracking

Automatically pin and track moving objects from distance while synchronising the subjects dynamic location in real time.

Sam Denniff - Public Safety & Defence Business Development Manager

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