LIVE WEBINAR: Learn To Capture Incredible Drone Photography | COPTRZ

Time to make your passion your job?

If you want to make a career as a drone photographer and start making commercial gain from your photographs and videos then you’ll want to join our upcoming webinar to find out how.

Coptrz’ Marketing Director Kevin Gillespie and UAV Strategist Jamie Cording will be joined by world-class photographer Daniel Hughes to find out about Daniel’s journey into drones. He’ll be answering your all important questions like what equipment he uses? How he edits the imagery to give it that polished commercial finish? What training is essential to becoming a successful drone photographer? And more.

We’ll also hear about Daniel’s brand new Drone Photography online course including classes and content filmed from all over the world!

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We’ll be answering your all-important questions live:

✓ Who is Daniel Hughes, what is his story?

✓ How did he get into Drone Photography? How did Daniel land his first drone photography job?

✓ What does it take to be successful as a drone photographer in the industry?

✓ What’s included in the Ultimate Drone Photography Package?

✓ What is the Ultimate Drone Photography Training course

P.S if you’ve made it this far… we have some insider info for you: Sign up to this webinar for an EXCLUSIVE offer on Daniel’s HOT new training course.


Who is Daniel Hughes?

Daniel Hughes is an Ambassador for Coptrz Academy where he gets all of his drone training including the PfCO with OFQUAL 4 Accreditation and OFQUAL 5 Award for Chief Pilots.

For Daniel, it’s imperative that he’s trained to a high standard so that brands around the world recognise and respect him as a serious Commercial Drone Photographer.

The Daniel Hughes partnership with Coptrz has developed the ultimate package for budding Commercial Drone Photographers – it combines all of the tech, tools and teaching to become an absolute talent at Drone Photography.