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How does the Wingtra compared to P4 RTK + Zenmuse P1


WingtraOne PPK VTOL

The WingtraOne PPK VTOL is a fixed-wing, fully autonomous drone specifically designed for long-distance surveying applications. The Wingtra allows for a flight to be pre-planned thanks to its intelligent WingtraPilot software. The Wingtra is up in the air and can automatically capture surveying data at the touch of a button.

Unlike other fixed-wing drones available, the WingtraOne has the ability to take off vertically like a quadcopter, even on difficult terrain. This removes the need to hand launch the aircraft or use catapults.

The Wingtra is capable of flying for up to 55 minutes, the Wingtra has been designed to cover long distances. The Wingtra VTOL is also compatible with a variety of payloads including the Sony QX1, Sony RX1RII and the Micasense RedEdge.



Hear how the WingtraOne is helping protect sea wildlife across England



Collect data more efficiently in large scale surveying and mapping applications with the Wingtra PPK

This package includes:

  • Wingtra PPK Aircraft
  • Sony RX 42 Megapixel Camera
  • Hardcase
  • Two extra batteries
  • 12-months of Coptrz Care
  • Handover training and Fixed Wing Assessment
  • Pix4D Mapper one-year licence
  • Pix4D Essentials two-day workshop
  • Commercial UAV Surveying Course
  • Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy
  • Operations Manual Support

£30,790 + Vat

Payment plans available

Flying the WingtraOne PPK VTOL mapping drone above Ladybower

On the hottest day of the year we flew the WingtraOne PPK above Ladybower Reservoir, the famous stomping ground of the Dambusters.

Launching WingtraOne PPK VTOL mapping drone

Meet the WingtraOne – the safest and most accurate drone for mapping & surveying. Now available with ultra-high precision option – PPK (Post Process Kinematics).

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