Collect quality, survey-grade data 80% faster

After 6 years in development and 100,000 flights, Wingtra is launching the WingtraOne GEN II.

The WingtraOne Gen II will save you Time and Money
With an incredible flight time, Industry leading reliability and top of the line payloads, the WingtraOne will give you accurate data in an incredibly short time. Survey Projects don’t have to take forever.

As the newest drone in the Industry, the WingtraOne Gen II is in hot demand, so get in touch with us today and find out how you could be saving time and money with drone technology.


How does the Wingtra compare to the P4 RTK & Zenmuse P1



Where it all began The WingtraOne provides you with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and ease of use when surveying large areas, saving your organisation time and money.

  • Quality Resolution: Down to 0.7 cm/px GSD with 42MP camera.
  • High Accuracy: Down to 1 cm absolute accuracy.
  • Long Flight Time: Flight time up to 59 minutes at 35.8mph (16m/s).
  • Increased Safety: Vertical take-off and landing – protecting the drone, payload, and operator.


Built on success The Gen II builds on the success of the original WingtraOne, adding powerful new features for greater versatility, reliability and ROI.

    New Oblique payload integration for greater 3D map quality.
  • PPK integrated on every drone, including multispectral payloads.
  • Next level electronics infrastructure with self-diagnosis.
  • Fail-safe algorithms and services for dependable operations

Explore Zurich in 3D with Wingtra

Over a number of flights, the WingtraOne Gen II collected thousands of images of Zurich which were later processed using the Bentley software.

WingtraOne Fixed Wing VTOL

The WingtraOne was the first VTOL fixed wing aircraft designed by Wingtra, to deliver exceptional data at a fraction of the time. Built with aerial mapping and surveying in mind, the WingtraOne produces unparalleled resolution and accuracy previously unachievable with traditional surveying methods.

✔ Cut Costs with faster data collection and expanded coverage. With fewer man hours and less time on site, you’ll see your costs plummet.

✔ Map Anywhere thanks to the VTOL design, WingtraOne can take-off and land almost anywhere—even in confined spaces or on rough terrain.

✔ Superior Data Quality  a built-in multi-frequency PPK GNSS receiver and a 42 MP sensor, Wingtra delivers best-in-class absolute accuracy, down to 1 cm (0.4 in).


This package includes:

  • WingtraOne Gen II Aircraft

  • Sony RX 42 Megapixel Camera

  • Hardcase

  • Two extra batteries

  • 12-months of Coptrz Care

  • Handover training and Fixed Wing Assessment

  • Pix4D Mapper one-year licence

  • Pix4D Essentials two-day workshop

  • Commercial UAV Surveying Course

  • Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy

  • Operations Manual Support

£30,790 + Vat

Payment plans available

Understanding drones can be difficult, we know.

So we created this free accuracy report to help people just like you, understand the capabilities of the most popular drones in surveying and how they can transform your operations.

Drones are already transforming the workflows of some of the biggest names in surveying such as Greenhatch, Atkins and Buckingham Group, so get up to speed and download your free copy of the accuracy report.


Save Money & Time with Wingtra

Map significantly larger areas quicker with powerful payloads like the Sony RX 42 Megapixel camera and Micasense multi spectrum sensors.


Protecting the British Coasts with Wingtra

Wingtra spreads its wings over Ladybowe


How stable is the WingtraOne when it lands in strong wind?

What is the maximum payload capacity of the Wingtra PPK?

The maximum payload capacity of the WingtraOne is up to 800g (1.8lbs)


What is the maximum flight time of the Wingtra PPK?

The WingtraOne is capable of flying up to 55 minutes


I survey large areas of land over 300ha, would the WingatraOne PPK be suitable for this application?

Yes, the WingtraOne has been tailor-made to cover large areas of up to 400ha at 3cm/px

What weight class does the Wingtra fit into?

The WingtraOne has a maximum take-off weight of 4.4kg, therefore fits in the 0-7kg category.

What is the history behind the Wingtra drone?

Wingtra was founded in 2016 by Prof. Dr Roland Siegwart’s Autonomous Systems Lab, at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

The WingtraOne was designed to help you to make better decisions. Wingtra pride themselves on developing, producing, and commercialising drones that combine the ease use of agile multi-rotor drones with the long-range and high endurance of a fixed-wing aircraft.

Their drone WingtraOne carries the best in class sensors that allow it to collect survey-grade aerial data. This drone is used by mapping professionals in applications that range from surveying and mining to wildlife monitoring, precision agriculture and Infrastructure Inspection.



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