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Built on the astronomical success of the Loki reconnaissance drone, SKY-HERO has launched Sigyn MK1, a rugged simple-to-use throwable ground drone, designed to deliver support for indoor operations and hazardous environments.

Crash Proof – Main skeleton made of aviation-grade carbon fibre for a rugged, damage-resistant design.

AES-256 Encryption – Dual signal encryption ensures the connection is secure and maintained against brute force cyber attacks.

Removable Batteries – Prolonged recon missions are possible thanks to the use of market standard batteries which are swappable in less than 30 seconds.

GCS MK2 compatibility – combine Sigyn and Loki into a complete air and ground recon solution using just one remote.


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Join industry expert Sam Denniff in unboxing the Sky-Hero’s first tactical rover, the Sigyn Mk1.

Sam takes you through all the features of the this exceptional piece of kit, including it’s shock resistance of up to 6m, dimmable LED’s, infrared beacons and more.

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The Sky Hero Loki MK 2 allows military personnel and police officers to gather crucial intelligence of immediate threats before entering complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

The Loki Mk2 is an operational support tool offering dependable methods of analysis and diffusion of videos.  With extreme performance in most light conditions the camera allows users to track and anticipate target movements enabling reliable and rapid situational awareness for precise decision making.

The encryption of both video signals and the flight commands is a crucial feature that ensures maximum security in all use cases.


  • Loki mk 2 Airframe
  • GCS (control unit) and charger
  • 4 Lipo (battery)
  • Tactical bag
  • Spare Pro and Motor set
  • Repair Kit
Training + Extras
  • Handover training session
  • Operations Manual Review
  • Includes warranty on airframe of 24-months
  • Return to base 6-month MOTs
  • Servicing Hotline
From £9,000 + Vat, contact us directly for a technical specification and an estimate


Join industry expert Sam Denniff in unboxing the ultimate tactical drone for military and defence, the Sky-Hero Loki 2.

Sam takes you through all the specs features of the internal tactical drone, including the completely offline operating system, turtle mode & a demo at the end of the video.

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• Precise position holding without GPS network

• Intuitive and simplified piloting using automatic altitude and speed control functions

•  AES256 encryption implemented in the telemetry and control command signals

• Night vision 0.00008lux, EO/IR

• Analogue video and audio signal scrambled via FPGA, no lag nor frozen images

• Integrated connector for additional payloads, sensors and actuators

• Listen before talk on audio-video frequencies

• Automatic pairing (RC – Drone)

• Front and central IR LED systems adapting to all environments with variable power (0-100%)

• Hand launch take-off, assisted landing

• Turtle mode allowing the drone to flip over automatically should it find itself on its back

• Complete telemetry data, performance

• indicators for sensors, estimated remaining flight time on display

• Main structure made of highly resistant polycarbonate

• Optimal flight modes for both indoor (GPS denied environment) or outdoor

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