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Network RTK Licence

Are you paying too much for your Network RTK Licence? As part of Coptrz commitment to the survey industry we offer 1-year Network RTK licences in Low or Unlimited usage with an optional M2M Sim card included.

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    Product Details

    Save up to £’s on your Network RTK Subscription with our Flexible RTK Licence packages

    Our RTK Licences are compatible with all types of machinery and equipment when it comes to centimetre accurate positioning including Machine Control and the SmartRover to drones.
    Our National RTK Network includes 85 base stations around England, Scotland and Wales and utilises 4 GNSS collections. We like to make purchasing and utilising our network fast, simple and cost-effective.


    How much does the Network RTK Licence cost?
    We have two 1-year licences to choose from:
    ✓  Low usage RTK licence (40 hours per month)  £900 + Vat
    ✓  Unlimited usage RTK licence £1,250 + Vat
    ✓ With both licences, we also offer the option of adding an M2M Sim card for an additional £100 + Vat
    If you purchase the 1-year RTK licence but find that you are reaching the 40-hour per month limit then get in touch and we can upgrade you to the Unlimited RTK licence.



    Which drones can I use my Network RTK Licence with?
    ✓  Phantom 4 RTK
    ✓  Matrice 210 RTK
    ✓  Matrice 300 RTK
    ✓  Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


    What are the benefits?
    ✓  No requirements to purchase expensive GNSS Stations
    ✓  No need to leave survey equipment unattended for long periods of time
    ✓  Our RTK Licenses are cheaper, unlimited and flexible enabling you to make substantial savings
    ✓  Works with RTK base stations


    “As a Surveyor by trade I know how costs can mount up when you have to fork out for expensive subscription software licences. As a commitment to support all those using drone technology in the survey space we are now happy to offer a flexible subscription package for Network RTK licences compatible across all your standard machinery and RTK drones. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the Network RTK Licence, just drop me an email.”
    James Pick
    COPTRZ UAV Strategist – Surveying & Construction 

    Coptrz UAV Strategist James Pick

  • Why do I need an RTK Licence?

  • Network RTK Technical Information

  • Compatibility?

  • Coverage?

  • Do I need a specific sim-card for the licence to work?

  • How does it work?

  • What if I reach my usage limit of 40 hours per month on the Low usage licence?

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Achieve survey-grade accuracy between 1 to 2 centimetres.


Around the UK and overseas.


Choose from 1-day, 1-month and 1-year licences. Never overpay for your RTK licence again.