Should you switch to drones? Historic England reveals all…

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February 6, 2020


We’re pleased to announce that Gary Young, Geospatial Analyst at Historic England will be joining us at the COPTRZ Live Drone Demo Day 2020 on the 5th of March in Rugby.

Championing England’s Heritage, Historic England has used drone acquired imagery since 2008 and has built up long experience of using such platforms alongside other means of capturing low-level aerial imagery of includes buildings, battlefields, monuments, parks, gardens, shipwrecks and more.

The imagery and data captured has been used across multiple applications including monitoring, presentation, interpretative display, multimedia journalism, surveying, mapping and recording.

“I’m delighted to be part of the COPTRZ Drone Demo Day 2020. I’ll be running through the Geospatial survey projects we’ve undertaken since acquiring our four DJI drones from COPTRZ last year, alongside a mention of the other archaeological and photographic applications that other Historic England teams are now using them for.

I’ll be sharing the successes, trials and tribulations of using drones in a variety of different surveying applications for Historic England, so you can get a better idea of the best solution for your business.” – Gary Young, Geospatial Analyst – Historic England


Find out more about using drones for remote sensing and surveying, including Historic England Aerial Investigation and Mapping Standards Technical Review here. 

Want more advice? Register to attend our demo day and speak to Gary in person at:

Or discuss a bespoke drone solution in a one-to-one consultation with a COPTRZ UAV Strategist at:


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