Introduction to Unmanned BVLoS Operations - 1 Day Workshop - COPTRZ

Introduction to Unmanned BVLoS Operations

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    BVLoS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) represents great potential for the use of commercial drones as technology advances. In order to gain a BVLoS approval from a national aviation authority such as the CAA, it is essential to have a safety case which covers your intention to fly BVLoS in accordance with CAA regulations.

    The COPTRZ Introduction to Unmanned BVLoS Operations workshop will give you the basic knowledge and skills required in all the vital areas required to make a successful application to regulatory authorities and then to conduct BVLoS flying safely. This highly informative introductory course is designed by unmanned aviation industry professionals with thousands of hours of manned aviation and unmanned BVLoS flying experience. It is suitable for operators looking to fly BVLoS with either multirotor or fixed-wing drones.

    Based on safe flying and operating procedures, this classroom-based workshop will cover aviation regulations, safety management, BVLoS permission/flight planning and air traffic management. The course will use a mix of lectures, case studies and group work to engage you in an interactive learning experience to teach you the issues you need to consider if planning safe beyond visual line of site operations.

    The course instructors have extensive BVLoS flying experience and have taught students from high profile organisations such as Boeing, NASA and the United Nations.



    • Learn the basics principles of beyond visual line of sight operations.
    • Learn best practices for applying for your BVLoS permissions from the CAA.
    • Learn the relevant safety procedures for operating your drone beyond visual line of sight.

    • Introduction & Aviation Regulations
    • Radio spectrum management & data links
    • Drone Design (inc. Human Factors & Communications).
    • Navigation & Mapping
    • Safety Management
    • Airspace & Air Traffic Management (inc. BVLoS Technologies)