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Ofqual 5 Award for Chief Drone Pilots

£999.00 - £999.00 Excl. VAT
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OFQUAL 5 Award is the ultimate project management training course for Commercial Drone Pilots.


Ofqual 5 Award for Chief Drone Pilots

£999.00 - £999.00 Excl. VAT

Level up your experience and knowledge with OFQUAL 5 for Chief Pilots

OFQUAL 5 is designed to give operators the skills and confidence to take on multi-million pound, large UAV projects that involve more than one pilot.

We designed this course based on our experience of running large scale drone operations to the value of £67 million.  It covers everything we wish we knew at the time to prevent us from making costly mistakes.  We’ve now packaged up that learning into a course that is regulated by an independent body so you can be certain of teaching excellence and course quality.


What is the OFQUAL 5 equivalent to?



What you will cover on the course

The course is designed to make sure you have everything covered when it comes to the project management of large UAV Projects.  If you’re running multi-million pound projects, then knowing this is critical.

The course covers:

• Managing the deployment of Commercial Drone Pilots

• Management of Flight Log Records

• Managing the audit and maintenance of on-site equipment

• Planning and operation with an Operational Safety Case (OSC)

• Planning and operation with Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS)

• Planning and operation with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

• Planning and operating safely in congested areas

Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on large UAV projects.  This isn’t about your skills as a pilot, this is about levelling up your project management skills to ensure you have everything covered.

What this means to you:

• Improved operational knowledge, capability and safety standards

• The ability and confidence to lead a team of operators on large, complex UAV Operations

• The ability to implement these skills into an organisational process that will be resilient to auditing and due diligence

This online training course is aimed at Organisations and Service Providers

If you’re just going out taking pictures on a part-time level, then this isn’t the course for you.  It’s for organisations and service providers that want to deliver large scale projects and want to have the management skills in-house to run them.

What the course also provides for organisations:

• Provide a progression and benchmarking system for employees

• Assess the skills of staff and subcontractors

• Provide a recognised standard in a new discipline

• Gain knowledge and confidence to take on large UAV projects 

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