Human Factors in uncrewed aerospace

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The "Human Factors in Uncrewed Aerospace" course provides comprehensive training on the significance of human factors in drone operations. Learners gain insights into human performance, situational awareness, communication, and CRM principles. They also understand the role of safety management systems and confidential reporting programs in ensuring safe drone operations. The course aims to equip drone operators with the knowledge and skills to operate drones safely and responsibly, with a focus on minimising risks associated with human factors.


Module 1 - Introduction to the Course: This module introduces learners to the course content and structure, providing an overview of what to expect.

Lesson 1 - Introduction: Learners receive a detailed introduction to the course and its objectives.

Module 2 - Introduction to Human Factors: This module explores the concept of human factors and their importance in drone operations.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Human Factors: Learners gain insights into human factors' significance and how they impact drone operations.

Lesson 2 - Human Factors: This lesson delves deeper into various human factors and their effects on drone pilots' performance.

Lesson 3 - I’M SAFE Mnemonic: Learners learn about the I’M SAFE mnemonic, a self-assessment tool to ensure personal readiness for safe drone operation.

Lesson 4 - Situational Awareness: Understanding the critical role of situational awareness in preventing accidents and improving decision-making.

Lesson 5 - Lack of Communication: Examining the consequences of poor communication and its impact on drone operations.

Module 3 - CAP737: This module focuses on the CAP737 guidelines and crew resource management.

Lesson 1 - CAP 737 Introduction: An overview of the CAP737 guidelines and their relevance to drone operators.

Lesson 2 - CRM (Crew Resource Management): Understanding the principles of CRM and their application in drone operations.

Lesson 3 - Additional Reading: Additional resources and reading materials to further enhance understanding of human factors in drone operations.

Module 4 - Safety Management Systems: This module introduces Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their role in ensuring safety during drone operations.

Lesson 1 - Safety Management Systems: An overview of SMS and its significance in maintaining safe drone operations.

Lesson 2 - What is Safety?: Understanding the concept of safety and its application in the context of drone operations.

Lesson 3 - SMS for UAS Operations: How SMS principles can be implemented in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations.

Lesson 4 - The Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime: Exploring the importance of confidential reporting programs in improving safety.

Module 5 - Exam: This module concludes the course with an exam to assess learners' understanding of human factors and safety in drone operations.

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