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Bespoke Flight Coaching

Keep your skills fresh, your assets safe and your team trained with Coptrz flight coaching.

Available to individuals and organisations on any drone with our expert flight coaching team. 

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Bespoke Courses For Your Team

Your organisation’s drone training requirements are unique to you and therefore your courses can be tailored bespoke to your unique operations. 

That’s why Coptrz provides you with bespoke courses in mandatory and /or CPD specialist courses for your people in a classroom/flying site of your choice. 

This can occur either at a Coptrz training centre, another offsite venue of your choice or on your premises, saving time, disruption, and money.


Courses tailored to your exact needs

Time Efficient

Combine mandatory training like GVC with specialist training for your organisations operations


Save on time, money, and disruption

Team Oriented

Create a unique teambuilding environment for your drone teams

What's Included?

We customise coaching to align with your organisation's specific requirements


Personalised Mastery

Every pilot's journey is unique. Our coaching moulds to your team's needs, ensuring targeted growth and proficiency.


Safety & Confidence

Navigate the skies with assurance. Our coaching instills best practices and safety protocols, enabling your team to operate with utmost confidence.


Real-world Application

Beyond theoretical knowledge, we emphasise hands-on, practical training tailored to real-world scenarios and specific industry requirements.

Meet Our Trainers

Freddie Dresner
UAS Training Instructor
Luke Gilbertson
UAS Training Instructor
Dan Graham
UAS Training Instructor
Bradley McLeary
UAS Training Instructor

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