Pix4Dfields Essentials Online Training

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Elevate your expertise in drone mapping and photogrammetry tailored for precision agriculture. Gain proficiency in producing superior agricultural data with RGB and multispectral imagery.


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About the Pix4Dfields Essentials Online Training Course

The PIX4Dfields Essentials course is designed for professionals in precision agriculture, focusing on drone mapping and photogrammetry. It teaches the capture of high-quality agricultural data using RGB and multispectral imagery. Key components include:

  • Basics of RGB and multispectral image capture and flight planning.
  • Generating orthomosaics, vegetation indices, zonations, and prescriptions.
  • Understanding and applying PIX4Dfields workflows to reduce operating costs.
  • Utilising PIX4Dfields for targeted operations in variable rate and spot spraying.

Key Concepts

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Multispectral Imagery
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Vegetation Indices
  • Targeted Operations

About the Pix4Dfields Essentials Exam

The exam evaluates your proficiency in Pix4Dfields best practices and applications. You’ll need to show a thorough understanding of key Pix4Dfields concepts such as data acquisition, radiometric correction, vegetation indices, and creation of deliverables suitable for clients. Successfully passing the exam earns you a certificate that aligns with most continuing education standards.

Course Features:

  • 6 hours of on-demand videos
  • Quizzes and workbooks
  • Four real-world use cases and exercises
  • Unlimited access to course materials
  • Certificate of completion

Certification Exam:

  • Approximately 2 hours, including 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Requires a score of 80% to pass
  • One attempt allowed
  • Digital certificate upon passing

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Pix4Dfields Essentials online course, Pix4Dfields Essentials online course + Certification exam



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