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Watch this webinar with industry experts James Pick and Chris York


The Ultimate Zenmuse P1 Review with Buckingham Group including the Phantom 4 RTK and Wingtra

Our survey expert James Pick couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Zenmuse P1 designed to integrate seamlessly with the Matrice 300 RTK.

This brand-new sensor packs a punch and is set to bring huge benefits to survey and construction organisations already using the drones to collect data.

This webinar with Chris York from Buckinghams Group takes an in-depth look at the sensor and how it compares to other sensor and platforms on the market. Included in this webinar is the NEW Zenmuse P1 on the M300 RTK, Phantom 4 RTK and the Wingtra One PPK with RX2 Sensor.

In this webinar we will be looking at:

✓ Brief of works

✓ What we want to achieve and how we plan to do it

✓ File size, images numbers, overlap etc

✓ What software used to process

✓ How data extracted from point cloud to create DTM

Data and Comparisons within this webinar are:

✓ Isopack to walked survey

✓ % data area within +/- 50mm

✓ Statistical analysis of all data to 1 sigma 50mm (RICS Spec)

✓ Flight time

✓ Processing time

✓ One flight processed with GCPs and other without to illustrate the impacts of GCPs

James and Chris York from Buckingham group, one of our key customers in the survey and construction sector, took the Zenmuse P1 out for a test drive.

Want to hear what they found out?


James Pick

Business Development Manager – Surveying & Construction, Coptrz

James has been operating in the surveying industry for over 7 years and specialises in helping organisations increase efficiency through adopting drone technology into their operations.

Having worked with a number of organisations including Costain, Pfizer, Veolia, Jacobs and CAN group, there’s no-one better placed in the UK to test out the latest drone solutions for the survey sector.

Chris York

Senior Engineering Surveyor, Buckingham group

Chris has been in the surveying industry for over 10 years, after cutting his teeth working in the Oil and Gas Sector for Costain he moved to Buckingham Group almost 6 years ago and has been working there ever since.

“We purchased our first drone a few years back now (Sirius Pro Fixed Wing). The motive behind the purchase was to boost our productivity and move away from the standard ‘walked survey’ in the process removing the associated risks from said surveys.  With 4 CAA approved pilots the plan was to cover all our large earthworks projects and deliver accurate earthworks volumes on a weekly basis. It has been a bumpy road, with a lot of learning. It is only recently with the assistance of James that we are now able to start producing drone surveys that tie into our walked surveys, processing our data through Pix4D has been the catalyst for this. I’m interested in seeing what the Zenmuse P1 is capable of and how it can benefit our projects even further!”

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You’re an individual or organisation interested in adding the Zenmuse P1 to your survey solutions or if you’re considering the Phantom 4 RTK or Wingtra.

Or, you work in one of the following sectors or job roles:

✓ Surveying
✓ Construction
✓ Engineering
✓ Project Management
✓ Conservation

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