With Sam Denniff, Sky-Hero & Typhon

Sky-Hero & Typhon Distraction present their industry defining products!

Our public safety & defence business development manager, Sam Denniff, is joined by Typhon & Sky-Hero to discuss their product lines for tactical drone operations.

Sky-Hero are the leading producers of internal tactical drones world-wide, recently launching their newest internal drone, the Loki mk2. You will hear about all the new features of this drone, as well as how it can be implemented on military missions.

Typhon are a UK based company with a focus on creating non-lethal, reloadable distraction devices. Their mission is simple, provide unrivalled products that negate the risks associated with conventional pyrotechnic devices.

The Typhon SH-100 distraction payload is fully integrated into the Sky-Hero LOKI MK2 platform. The GCS software allows for an operator to choose between single event or burst initiation of the Typhon distraction cartridge, providing maximum operational flexibility.

Questions will be welcome at the end of the Webinar!


In this webinar we’ll be covering:


✓ Sky-Hero Loki 2 Drone

✓ Typhon Distraction SH-100 Payload

✓ How is this equipment used in the field

✓ Why you should use a drone made for internal use

✓ Upcoming developments from Sky-Hero & Typhon


Sam Denniff

Having worked in the commercial drone UAV industry for over five years, Sam has experienced first hand the slow but steady industrial growth towards adopting exciting new drone technology.

Sam’s role is to guide organisations into implementing the most accurate and efficient drone solutions for their field. Beginning with Police & Fire, Sam has now helped over 75% of UK Emergency Services develop their drone strategy.

Sam has also aided defence agencies such as Ministry of Defence and the SAS.



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