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Join us for a masterclass as we are joined LIVE by MicaSense all the way from America!
Wed 27 Oct //
3:00 pm

LIVE Webinar: Join us for an exclusive MicaSense masterclass

How can you use multispectral imagery to get the most out of your data? How can you map environmentally sensitive areas? What kind of multispectral cameras are available? We get questions like these every day, so to set the record straight on multispectral imagery, we’ve brought in the big guns – all the way from America!

As interest in drones and sensor-based technologies continues to increase, the uptake of drone technology for UK farmers has soared. The use of drones and other forms of sensor technology such as LiDAR is opening up a whole new world of data collection that farmers are only just beginning to explore.

MicaSense strive to help growers, land managers, and researchers use drone-based imagery to make informed decisions. They’re experts at developing drone sensors for vegetation mapping, and to develop solutions that can help make your life—and your work—easier.

As the only premium reseller of MicaSense in the UK, Coptrz are proud to bring you a wide range of MicaSense solutions. Allowing you to get the right tools into your hands so you can make the right call at the right time, with clear, actionable information to guide your decisions. This is YOUR chance to learn directly from the experts!


What you’ll learn on the webinar:

✓ Disease monitoring. Drone mapping provides detailed overview of infestation levels. The maps can then be used to guide management practices.

✓ Stand count of young trees. Useful in areas where competing vegetation can skew counts from just a standard RGB camera. Stand count can be used to determine if and where replanting needs to happen.

✓ Monitoring recovery post-wildfire. Monitoring the health and successful replanting of young trees, as well as recovery of native vegetation.

✓ Trial plot research. Monitor plant traits and performance across trail plots.

✓ Environmentally sensitive areas. Generate a classification map of protected or environmentally sensitive areas. Monitor changes in species composition over time.

✓ At the end, we’ll run a live Q&A where you can ask us anything!


“Hi, my name is Aleks and I work for Coptrz as a UAV Strategist. My involvement throughout the industry allows me to offer you key support relating to your training and most importantly, your new business. My work has helped many novice hobbyists; ranging all the way through to commercial chief pilots and has posed very successful in applying this to their own ventures.”

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