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Drones in Agriculture: Lessons from the Field
Thu 19 Aug //
2:00 pm

LIVE Webinar: Drones in Agriculture – Lessons from the Field

This webinar will explore the real-world usage of drones in agriculture. A lot has been said about drones in agriculture, and it can get hard to tell fact from fiction. If you’re considering getting started or if you’re already a seasoned ag flyer, this webinar has something for you.

Join Jamie Cording, the Drone Business Advisor and UAV Strategist for COPTRZ, for this 60-minute webinar to learn about how you can transform your agriculture operations by using drones and multispectral cameras.


What you’ll learn on the webinar:

✓ Breakdown of the training you MUST have (GVC & A2 CofC)

✓ Drone options perfect for beginners to advanced pilots

✓ How to get started with Agricultural drone mapping

✓ Tips and Tricks for making good drone maps

✓ Best practices for using drones pre- and post-harvest

✓ At the end, we’ll run a live Q&A where you can ask Jamie anything!

In just 60 minutes, Jamie will guide you through the steps required to complete your drone training, the best hardware options for the agriclture industry, and the software, accessories and support you need to succeed, as well as offering you tips to get your business off the ground.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and become a drone operator. Take the first step by joining the webinar: Drones in Agriculture – Lessons from the Field


“Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a UAV Strategist for Coptrz, I spend my time helping thousands of drone pilots just like you to get their drone businesses off the ground. If you’re wondering what training you’ll need, what drone will be suit you best, which sectors you can work in or when is the best time to take the leap then this webinar is for you!”


Being your own boss opens you up to a world of possibilities – the opportunity to earn more income for yourself means you can invest more into yourself, your lifestyle and your business, the flexibility means you can find more time for the things you love, and the growth and personal development you’ll experience from this new challenge… priceless. But the best thing of all might just be job satisfaction.

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