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Sat 9 Oct //
9:00 am

Do you want to enhance your operations and provide your clients with the best possible insight?

Hovermap is your next step in LiDAR based mapping for surveying and inspection. Combining impressive SLAM based mapping and intelligent autonomous capabilities, Hovermap gives you the power to map the inaccessible and wow your clients with critical insight.

Find out how Hovermap could revolutionise your workflows, On the 12th of October we’ll be holding a Live Webinar with Emesent to discuss Hovermap’s applications for the UK surveying and inspection sectors.

This is the first time Hovermap has been available through a reseller based in the UK and Ireland region.

As the UK’s fist LIVE Hovermap webinar you won’t want to miss it, your competitors won’t.


Dr. Stefan Hrabar

CEO/ Co-Founder Emesent

Dr. Stefan Hrabar has been at the forefront of drone autonomy R&D for nearly 20 years. Following his PhD in Computer Science / Robotics on this topic, he spent 13 years at CSIRO where he continued his work on vision and lidar-based perception and navigation for drones. He led the development and commercialisation of Hovermap in CSIRO, and co-founded Emesent in 2018 to bring this ground-breaking technology to market.

David Jagger

EMEA Sales Directer Emesent

David has a significant level of experience and business achievement in planning and implementing sales strategies, with a strong background in coaching and management of sales teams, drawing on a vast knowledge SaaS based models and Hardware experience provides the ability to communicate complex topics in both B2B, B2C relationships.


James Pick

Surveying Business Development Director

As a surveyor by trade James knows the importance of making strategic decisions that ensure your organisation is achieving survey-grade data for your projects. Every organisation is unique and that’s why it’s important that your drone solution is too.


George Burne

Inspection Business Development Manager

George joined Coprtz 4 years ago and has worked with a wide array of organisations, enabling them to incorporate a UAV solution within their operations. George has enhanced business performance in organisations like Severn Trent Water, EDF Energy and TEXO by providing a complete drone solution.


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