Watch Webinar Now - Parrot ANAFI USA for Police & Defence

Why should you be looking at the Parrot ANAFI USA for your Public Safety or Defence operations?

Join industry expert Sam Denniff for a straight-talking, no frills look at the Parrot ANAFI USA.  Find out the story behind the drone (originally developed for the United States Department of Defense) and why Police, Fire and Defence organisations up and down the country are excited to add this rugged, compact beast to their drone operations.

What’s covered:

• Who are Parrot and how was the Parrot ANAFI USA developed?

• The benefits and applications that suit the Parrot ANAFI USA

• A run through real-life case studies across SAR, Police & Fire

• How does the Parrot ANAFI USA compare to other drones for Public Safety and Defence?

• What software can you use with the Parrot ANAFI USA to interrogate your data

• Training options and what you’ll need to be able to operate this drone

• Ending with a Q&A with Sam and Asif Gillani of Parrot


Sam Denniff – UAV Strategist – Public Safety

Sam has been operating in the UK drone industry for over 5 years and specialises in helping organisations increase efficiency through adopting drone technology into their operations.

Having worked with a number of organisations including Ministry of Defence, Devon & Cornwall Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and Air Accidents Investigation Branch, there’s no-one better placed in the UK to support you in your transition to drones.



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Who is this webinar for?

You can’t afford to miss this if you’re an individual or organisation interested in adopting drone technology into your operations and want to gain a level of understanding to inform your decision-making process.

Or, you work in one of the following sectors or job roles:

•Fire Services
•Mountain Rescue
•Emergency Response