On-Demand Webinar: Starting a Drone Business - COPTRZ

Is being self-employed something you’ve always dreamed of, but you’re a bit unsure what your business would look like? Have you ever considered making money across multiple sectors with drones? The growth of the drone industry will be one of the most impressive advances of the 21st century. PwC predicts the industry could be worth £42 billion by 2030, and you’re reading this because you want to be a part of it right?

Join Jamie Cording, the Drone Business Advisor and UAV Strategist for COPTRZ, for this 60-minute masterclass to learn about how you can turn your UAV hobby into your very own successful drone service business. Spoiler alert – It’s not quite as easy as buying a drone online and getting flying.


Meet your host

“Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m a UAV Strategist for Coptrz, I spend my time helping thousands of drone pilots just like you to get their drone businesses off the ground. If you’re wondering what training you’ll need, what drone will be suit you best, which sectors you can work in or when is the best to time to take the leap then this webinar is for you!”

Jamie Cording, COPTRZ UAV Strategist

What you’ll find out on the webinar:

• Breakdown of a GVC and A2 CofC

• What sectors you can access as a drone operator

• Drone options perfect for beginners to advanced pilots

• Post-course training and education to enhance your capabilities

• Jamie’s top tips on how to drive your business to success

• How to find work as a drone operator and best practice

• At the end listen to the questions answered live and if you have more then get in touch with me sales@coptrz.com