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Picture this: You want to show clients a property you’re advertising. You don’t want to use regular photographs and videos, you want to use drones to capture incredible footage to show the property in the best possible way.

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The use of drone technology is becoming more apparent in everyday life. Using drones for property photography and marketing can be done by almost anyone with the correct training and certification.

Deciding to include drone footage in your real estate photography and marketing is a great move if you’re looking to improve your competitive edge and enhance your customers’ experience.

Parrot Anafi Thermal

Meet Peter Taylor

Business Development Manager – Real Estate & Property Specialist

Drone technology is growing every day, COPTRZ has realised that the demand from the Real Estate sector is growing too. Peter has joined COPTRZ as our in-house UAV expert for the Property and Real Estate markets. His background in the commercial property sector and workplace fit out means that Peter’s knowledge of the industry is invaluable at COPTRZ. Peter understands the uses of drones across all parts of the industry from marketing all the way through to construction. While being at COPTRZ, Peter has already helped provide drone solutions for likes of KIER.



Skytech Photography Limited

"Thank you to everyone at Coptrz for helping me through the process of gaining my PfCO. I had my flight test with Harry who is a credit to the team and I am pleased to say that I passed."

To get the perfect shot, you’re going to need the perfect drone. At COPTRZ we understand that every clients need is different, which is why we have created a series of bespoke packages to help you find the best possible solution. Considering the drone features you’ll need to complete the job confidently and efficiently is the first step to choosing your drone.

As well as property marketing for Real Estate drones are a diverse addition to your organisation offering the ability for property surveying, site progress during construction, 3D mapping and property inspection.


  • Capture captivating images and videos
  • Can highlight property features easily
  • Stunning virtual tours of a property
  • Beat the competition
  • Reduce costs
  • Creating interest and new clients


  • Can be done flown in a wide variety of situations
  • Able to fly at extreme heights
  • Takes out “hard to reach” problem
  • Cost effective and safer alternative to traditional methods


  • Can provide heat loss reports
  • Prevents energy wastage
  • Can detect roof leaks, trapped moisture and hidden defects
  • Save money on bills and repair work


  • Create 3D maps of property using drone footage
  • 3D reconstructions of land sites or buildings
  • Can easily see dimensions and depth

Take your property development, marketing and photography to the next level by introducing a drone solution into your organisation. Find out more about Drones for Real Estate in our free eBook.

What’s included in the eBook?

  • • Overview of the industry with UAV expert Peter Taylor
  • • Who are Coptrz and why you should work with us
  • • Your drone training opportunities at Coptrz academy
  • • Find out what qualifications you will need
  • • Applications of drone technology within the Property Sector
  • • All of the hardware, software and support you will need to take to the skies!


Looking to broaden your horizons? Check out our bespoke packages...


This package provides everything you will need to capture aerial photography for residential property marketing. 


This package includes: 

  • Parrot ANAFI drone
  • A2 Certificate of Competency Course Training
  • Essential Pilot Safety Kit
  • Lifetime Access to COPTRZ Academy
  • Daniel Hughes x COPTRZ Online Photography Course

£1,899 + Vat

Payment plans available

Classic plus Real Estate Package

An ideal package for agencies managing and marketing residential and commercial property.


This package includes: 

  • Parrot ANAFI Thermal drone
  • Online Aerial Thermography Course
  • A2 Certificate of Competency Course Training
  • GVC Drone Training Qualification
  • Daniel Hughes x COPTRZ Online Photography Course
  • Essential Pilot Safety Kit
  • 3-month membership for AIVA Software
  • Lifetime Access to COPTRZ Academy

£4,995 + Vat

Payment plans available

Property Development Package

With this package, you can document site-building process, inspect large buildings for maintenance and capture stunning video and photography for property marketing.


This package includes: 

  • Parrot ANAFI drone
  • Matrice 300 RTK drone with controller and accessories
  • H20 T Camera
  • PiX4D Training
  • PiX4Dmapper Licence
  • A2 Certificate of Competency Course Training
  • Essential Pilot Safety Kit
  • Daniel Hughes x COPTRZ Online Photography Course
  • GVC Drone Training Qualification
  • Online Aerial Thermal Imaging Cat 1 Course
  • Online Surveying Course
  • 1-year membership for AIVA Software
  • Lifetime access to COPTRZ Academy

£25,995 + Vat

Payment plans available


Recorded Webinar

Are you thinking about adopting drone technology into your operations, but don’t know where to start?

If you answered “yes’, then this webinar is the perfect starting point for you.

Peter Taylor, Real Estate and Property specialist at COPTRZ talks you through everything you need to know about how you can incorporate drones into your operations to capture the best quality images possible.

This webinar should be an essential part of any decision-making process when it comes to adopting drone technology into your organisation.


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