Sky Hero Loki 2 Webinar | COPTRZ

Learn how you can detect, reduce and clear threats quickly with the Sky Hero Loki 2, LIVE with Sam Denniff

The Sky Hero Loki MK 2 allows military personnel, security and police officers to gather crucial intelligence of immediate threats before entering complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

In this 1-hour live webinar our industry expert, Sam Denniff, will be joined by Sky Hero’s Yves Coppye to bring you the inside scoop on this unique, robust airframe. With features like hand launch take-off and assisted landing, turtle mode, night vision and no cellular network, GPS, applications or smartphones required – the Sky Hero Loki 2 makes rapid intelligence gathering easy.

Sam Denniff

UAV Strategist – Police, Fire & Defence

Sam has been operating in the UK drone industry for over 4 years and specialises in helping police, fire and military personnel to introduce drone solutions.

“SkyHero Loki 2 fills a real need within Defence and Public Safety as a fully internal tactical drone unit. It’s truly the only drone in this category that can reliably gather intelligence in the most challenging of environments, and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities within this webinar.”

Yves Coppye


Sky-Hero is a dynamic, flexible, fast-growing company located in Brussels. Sky-Hero conceives, designs, and produces drones with a target market in civil security.

After the successful release of the Loki 1, the indoor drone, they created the much more advanced version, the Loki 2.0. Sky Hero work with clients from Police Special Forces to International Security companies, mountain rescue teams and firefighters.