Technical & Maintenance Support for Sky Hero Loki MKII

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The "Technical and Maintenance Support for Sky Hero Loki MKII" course provides comprehensive training on the technical aspects and maintenance support for the Sky Hero Loki MKII drone. Participants learn about drone components, standard operational maintenance, and common reasons for malfunctions and accidents. The course covers specific maintenance and repair instructions for the Loki MKII, including motor maintenance, calibration procedures, remote updates, control reset, and replacement procedures for various parts. Troubleshooting techniques for common issues are also taught. The course concludes with a summary and an exam to evaluate participants' understanding. Overall, participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively maintain and troubleshoot the Sky Hero Loki MKII drone.


Module 1 - Drone Components and Standard Operations:
Lesson 1: Drone Components - Learn about the various components of Sky Hero drones and their functions.
Lesson 2: Standard Operational Maintenance - Understand best practices for maintaining and caring for Sky Hero drones.
Lesson 3: Common Reasons for Drone Malfunctions / Accidents - Identify common issues that can lead to drone malfunctions or accidents and how to prevent them.
Lesson 4: Spare Parts and Accessories - Explore essential spare parts and accessories for Sky Hero drone maintenance.
Lesson 5: Warnings about DIY Repairs - Understand the risks of attempting DIY repairs and the importance of professional servicing.

Module 2 - Loki MkII General Maintenance and Repair:
Lesson 1: Motors - Learn how to maintain and troubleshoot the motors of the Sky Hero Loki MkII drone.
Lesson 2: Joy Stick Calibration - Understand the calibration process for the joystick of the Loki MkII drone's remote controller.
Lesson 3: Update Remote - Learn how to update the firmware of the remote controller used with the Loki MkII drone.
Lesson 4: Reset Control Device Binding Procedure - Explore the procedures for resetting the control device and binding it with the drone.
Lesson 5: Withdrawn Arm - Understand how to address and repair issues related to the withdrawn arm of the Loki MkII drone.
Lesson 6: Changing Stiffeners - Learn the process of changing stiffeners in the Loki MkII drone for maintenance and repair.
Lesson 7: Duct Replacement - Explore the procedure for replacing ducts in the Loki MkII drone.
Lesson 8: Battery Wake Up - Understand how to wake up the battery of the Loki MkII drone when it's in a sleep mode.
Lesson 9: Replacing the Upper Frame - Learn how to replace the upper frame of the Loki MkII drone for repairs.

Module 3 - Troubleshooting:
Lesson 1: Drone Won't Turn On - Identify and troubleshoot issues related to the Loki MkII drone not turning on.
Lesson 2: Drone Won't Take Off - Understand the potential causes and solutions when the Loki MkII drone won't take off.
Lesson 3: Drone Behaving Strangely - Explore troubleshooting methods for unusual behavior exhibited by the Loki MkII drone during flights.

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