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Technical & Maintenance Support for DJI Products

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    The "Technical and Maintenance Support for DJI Products" course provides comprehensive training on the technical aspects and maintenance support for DJI products. Participants learn about drone components, standard operational maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques. The course covers general maintenance and repair topics, including spares, accessories, safety equipment, propellers, batteries, camera, firmware updates, and calibration procedures. The course concludes with a summary and an exam to assess participants' understanding. Overall, the course equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively maintain and troubleshoot DJI products, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.


    Technical & Maintenance Support for DJI Products

    £97.00 Excl. VAT

    Module 1 – Drone Components and Standard Operations:
    Lesson 1: Drone Components – Learn about the different components of a drone and their functions.
    Lesson 2: Standard Operational Maintenance – Understand the best practices for maintaining and caring for your drone.
    Lesson 3: Common Reasons for Drone Malfunctions / Accidents – Identify common issues that can lead to drone malfunctions or accidents and how to prevent them.

    Module 2 – General Maintenance and Repair:
    Lesson 1: Spares, Accessories, and Safety Equipment – Explore the essential spares, accessories, and safety equipment for drone maintenance.
    Lesson 2: Warnings about DIY Repairs – Understand the risks of attempting DIY repairs and the importance of professional servicing.
    Lesson 3: Propellers – Learn how to inspect, replace, and maintain propellers for optimal performance.
    Lesson 4: Batteries – Understand battery maintenance, storage, and safety guidelines for prolonged battery life.
    Lesson 5: Camera – Discover camera maintenance and troubleshooting tips to ensure high-quality imaging.
    Lesson 6: Firmware Updates – Learn how to perform firmware updates and their significance for drone performance.
    Lesson 7: Gimbal Calibration – Explore gimbal calibration procedures for stable and accurate camera movements.
    Lesson 8: Vision Systems – Understand the role of vision systems and how to troubleshoot any issues.
    Lesson 9: Compass Calibration – Master the compass calibration process to enhance flight stability.
    Lesson 10: Centre of Gravity Calibration on M300 Aircraft – Learn the importance of center of gravity calibration for safe flight operations.
    Lesson 11: Status Indicators – Understand the meaning of status indicators and how to interpret them.
    Lesson 12: Health Management System – Learn about the health management system and its role in ensuring drone safety.

    Module 3 – Troubleshooting Drone Issues:
    Lesson 1: Drone Won’t Turn On – Identify possible causes and solutions when a drone fails to turn on.
    Lesson 2: Drone Won’t Take Off – Understand the reasons for takeoff issues and how to troubleshoot them.
    Lesson 3: Drone Behaving Strangely – Learn how to diagnose and address unusual drone behavior.

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