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Mastering the WingtraOne Gen II

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    This course is a comprehensive training program that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilise the WingtraOne Gen II model. The course covers an introduction to the model and its sensors, best practices for data collection, processing, and analysis, as well as specific applications in surveying, mining, construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. The course concludes with a summary, an end-of-course exam, and guidance on next steps. Overall, participants gain the necessary expertise to maximise the potential of the WingtraOne Gen II for a range of industries and applications.


    Mastering the WingtraOne Gen II

    £147.00 Excl. VAT

    Module 1 – Introduction to the WingtraOne Gen II:
    Lesson 1: Introduction – Get familiar with the WingtraOne Gen II drone and its key features.
    Lesson 2: Sensors – Learn about the advanced sensors integrated into the WingtraOne Gen II for data collection.

    Module 2 – Data Collection and Processing:
    Lesson 1: Taking Flight – Understand the best practices for successful flight operations with the WingtraOne Gen II.
    Lesson 2: Best Practices for Processing and Analyzing Data – Discover the optimal methods for processing and analyzing data collected by the WingtraOne Gen II.
    Lesson 3: Software – Explore the software tools used in conjunction with the drone for data processing.

    Module 3 – Applications:
    Lesson 1: Surveying and GIS – Explore how the WingtraOne Gen II is utilized in surveying and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.
    Lesson 2: Mining – Learn about the drone’s applications in the mining industry for volumetric calculations and surveying.
    Lesson 3: Construction and Infrastructure – Understand the uses of the WingtraOne Gen II in construction and infrastructure projects.
    Lesson 4: Agriculture – Discover how the drone supports precision agriculture and crop monitoring.
    Lesson 5: Environmental Monitoring – Explore the applications of the WingtraOne Gen II in environmental monitoring and conservation efforts.

    Module 4 – Summary:
    Lesson 1: Summary – Recap the key concepts covered throughout the course.
    Lesson 2: End of Course Exam – Evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the course content through the end-of-course exam.
    Lesson 3: Next Steps – Identify the potential next steps in your journey to utilizing the WingtraOne Gen II effectively.

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