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Mastering the Flyability Elios 2

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    The "Elios 2" course is a comprehensive training program focusing on the Elios 2 drone. Learners are introduced to the product, covering its specifications, battery usage, pre-flight checks, in-flight functions, and general safety tips. The course also delves into accessories like Flyability Inspector software and the range extender. Participants learn about Elios 2 functionalities, including lighting, stabilisation, and distance hold. Inspection applications in various industries are explored, such as tanks, bridges, power generation, mining, sewer, and public safety. Additionally, the course addresses maintenance and troubleshooting, concluding with an exam to assess learners' proficiency in operating the Elios 2 drone.


    Mastering the Flyability Elios 2

    £147.00 Excl. VAT

    Module 1 – Introduction: This module provides an introduction to the Elios 2 course, familiarizing learners with the content and objectives.

    Module 2 – Product:

    Lesson 1: What’s in the Box?: Learners explore the contents of the Elios 2 package and the included accessories.
    Lesson 2: Battery Usage: Understanding proper battery usage and maintenance guidelines for the Elios 2 drone.
    Lesson 3: Pre-Flight Checks: Learning about essential pre-flight checks and procedures to ensure safe drone operations.
    Lesson 4: Cockpit: Understanding the cockpit features and controls for effective drone operation.
    Lesson 5: In-Flight Functions and Control: Exploring the in-flight functions and controls to maneuver the Elios 2 drone.
    Lesson 6: General Safety Tips: Emphasizing general safety tips and best practices while operating the Elios 2.
    Module 3 – Accessories & Software:

    Lesson 1: Flyability Inspector Software: Understanding the Flyability Inspector software for efficient drone control and data analysis.
    Lesson 2: Range Extender: Learning about the range extender accessory and its significance in extending the Elios 2 drone’s range.
    Module 4 – Functionality:

    Lesson 1: Lighting: Exploring the lighting functionalities of the Elios 2 drone for enhanced visibility during inspections.
    Lesson 2: Stabilization: Understanding the stabilization features of the Elios 2 for smooth and steady flight.
    Lesson 3: Distance Hold: Learning about the distance hold function to maintain a consistent distance from objects during inspections.
    Module 5 – Inspection Application:

    Lesson 1: Tank Inspections: Understanding the applications of Elios 2 in inspecting tanks.
    Lesson 2: Bridges and Culverts: Exploring the use of Elios 2 for inspecting bridges and culverts.
    Lesson 3: Power Generation: Learning about Elios 2 applications in inspecting power generation facilities.
    Lesson 4: Mining: Understanding the use of Elios 2 for inspections in mining environments.
    Lesson 5: Sewer Inspections: Exploring the applications of Elios 2 in inspecting sewer systems.
    Lesson 6: Public Safety: Learning about Elios 2 applications in public safety inspections.
    Module 6 – Maintenance and Troubleshoot:

    Lesson 1: Routine Inspection: Understanding how to conduct routine inspections to ensure the Elios 2’s proper functioning and safety.
    Lesson 2: Regular Maintenance: Learning about necessary regular maintenance tasks to keep the Elios 2 in optimal condition.
    Lesson 3: Troubleshooting: Exploring troubleshooting techniques to address common issues with the Elios 2.
    Lesson 4: Downloads: Accessing downloadable resources and materials related to the Elios 2.
    Module 7 – Exam:

    Lesson 1: End of Course Exam: The final module consists of an exam to assess learners’ understanding and proficiency in operating the Elios 2 drone.

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