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Mastering the DJI Matrice 300 RTK

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    This comprehensive course explores the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone, covering specifications, standout features, compatible payloads, professional firmware/software, and applications in various industries. Modules provide an introduction to the drone, detailed specifications, payload options, professional firmware (DJI Pilot 2), software (DJI Flight Hub 2, DJI Terra), and applications such as firefighting, search and rescue, law enforcement, and inspection. The course concludes with a summary and an end-of-course exam. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of the Matrice 300 RTK, its capabilities, and how it can be effectively used across different sectors.


    Mastering the DJI Matrice 300 RTK

    £97.00 Excl. VAT

    MODULE 1 – INTRODUCTION: This module serves as an introduction to the course, providing an overview of the content and setting the foundation for further learning.

    Lesson 1 – Overview: The overview section of Module 1 provides a general summary of the topics covered in the module, giving learners an idea of what to expect.

    MODULE 2 – SPECIFICATIONS: Module 2 focuses on drone specifications, exploring the unique features and characteristics that set different drones apart from each other.

    Lesson 1 – Stand Out Features: This section within Module 2 delves into the distinctive features and functionalities of drones, highlighting what makes them stand out in the market.

    Lesson 2 – Drone Specification: In this section, learners gain an understanding of the specific technical specifications and capabilities of different types of drones.

    MODULE 3 – PAYLOADS: Module 3 revolves around payloads, which are the additional equipment or sensors carried by drones for various purposes.

    Lesson 1 – L1 and P1: This section within Module 3 covers the L1 and P1 payloads, explaining their functions and applications in drone operations.

    Lesson 2 – H20, H20T, and H20N: Here, learners explore the H20, H20T, and H20N payloads, understanding their unique features and use cases in different scenarios.

    Lesson 3 – Micasense Payloads: This section focuses on Micasense payloads, providing insights into their specialized sensors and their applications in specific industries or fields.

    MODULE 4 – APPLICATIONS: Module 4 explores the diverse applications of drones in various industries and sectors.

    Lesson 1 – Firefighting: This section discusses how drones are utilized in firefighting operations, highlighting their role in providing aerial support, reconnaissance, and situational awareness.

    Lesson 2 – Search and Rescue: Here, learners discover the applications of drones in search and rescue missions, emphasizing their capabilities in locating and reaching inaccessible areas.

    Lesson 3 – Police and Law Enforcement: This section explores the use of drones in police and law enforcement activities, such as surveillance, crowd monitoring, and crime scene investigation.

    Lesson 4 – Inspection: The inspection section focuses on how drones are employed in inspection tasks, such as infrastructure assessment, pipeline monitoring, and building inspections.

    SUMMARY & EXAM: The summary section provides a concise recap of the key concepts and topics covered in the course. The end of the course exam assesses learners’ understanding of the material and their ability to apply the knowledge gained throughout the modules.

    Lesson 1 – Course Summary: The course summary provides a comprehensive overview of the entire course, summarizing the main points and takeaways from each module.

    Lesson 2 – End of Course Exam: The end of course exam evaluates learners’ comprehension and retention of the course material, assessing their ability to apply the knowledge in practical scenarios.

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