Mastering the DJI H20 Series

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The DJI H20 Series CPD certified course provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the features and capabilities of the H20T and H20N cameras. It covers technical specifications, quad-sensor and thermal imaging solutions, starlight sensor technology, product comparisons, intelligent features, applications in various industries, and care and maintenance. The course concludes with a summary of the key concepts and suggested next steps for further learning and professional development.


Module 1 - Introduction: This module provides an overview of the DJI H20 Series, highlighting its key features and technical specifications.

Lesson 1: Overview - Learners will get a general introduction to the DJI H20 Series, understanding its purpose and capabilities.

Lesson 2: H20 Technical Specification - This lesson delves into the technical specifications of the DJI H20 Series, including details about its camera sensors, imaging capabilities, and other essential features.

Module 2 - H20T Features: This module focuses on the features of the H20T camera, which is part of the DJI H20 Series.

Lesson 1: Quad-Sensor Solution - Learners will explore the quad-sensor solution of the H20T camera, which combines multiple sensors for enhanced imaging capabilities.

Lesson 2: Thermal Capabilities - This lesson delves into the thermal imaging capabilities of the H20T camera, understanding its use cases and advantages.

Module 3 - H20N Features: In this module, learners will discover the features of the H20N camera, another component of the DJI H20 Series.

Lesson 1: Starlight Sensor - This lesson explores the starlight sensor of the H20N camera, which enhances low-light performance and enables clear imaging in challenging lighting conditions.

Lesson 2: Product Comparison - Learners will compare the H20T and H20N cameras, understanding their unique features and advantages for different applications.

Module 4 - Series Features: This module covers the overall features of the DJI H20 Series, beyond specific camera components.

Lesson 1: Intelligent Features - Learners will explore the intelligent features integrated into the DJI H20 Series, such as autofocus, zoom capabilities, and smart flight modes.

Lesson 2: Applications - This lesson highlights the various applications where the DJI H20 Series can be utilized, such as aerial inspections, search and rescue operations, and cinematography.

Lesson 3: Care - Learners will understand the importance of proper care and maintenance for the DJI H20 Series, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Module 5 - Summary: The final module provides a summary of the entire course, recapping the key concepts and lessons covered.

Summary - Learners receive a concise overview of the DJI H20 Series, including its technical specifications, camera features, intelligent capabilities, and applications.

Next Steps - Participants are provided with guidance on the next steps for further exploration and utilization of the DJI H20 Series, facilitating their ongoing learning and professional development.

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