How to use UAVs to inspect offshore assests

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The course "How to use UAVs to inspect offshore assets" provides a comprehensive understanding of using drones for offshore asset inspections. Participants learn about the different assets and situations that require inspections, the benefits of drone inspections over traditional methods, and the recommended drones for various inspection scenarios. The course covers intelligent features and their applications, different inspection types, the inspection process from preparation to data analysis, legal considerations, and presents case studies. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct efficient and compliant drone inspections in offshore environments.


Module 1 - Offshore Assets:
This module introduces participants to different types of offshore platforms, including their unique characteristics and applications in various industries.

Lesson 1: Exploring Offshore Platforms: Participants will gain insights into various offshore platforms encountered in different industries, understanding their structures and functions.
Lesson 2: Drones in Wind Turbine Inspections: This lesson focuses on the role of drones in wind turbine inspections, highlighting the advantages they bring to this specific sector.
Module 2 - Benefits of Drone Inspections:
In this module, learners will discover the significant benefits of using drones for inspecting offshore assets compared to traditional methods.

Lesson 1: Advantages of Drone Inspections: Delving into the increased safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency that drones offer in the inspection process.
Module 3 - Recommended Inspection Drones:
Module 3 presents COPTRZ's top drone recommendations specifically suited for offshore asset inspections.

Lesson 1: Drone Choices for Inspections: This lesson covers drone choices based on factors like stability, endurance, and payload capacity, providing valuable insights for selecting the right equipment.
Lesson 2: Payload Options for Inspections: Participants will explore COPTRZ's top choices for payloads, including advanced cameras and sensors tailored to specific inspection requirements.
Module 4 - Intelligent Features and their Applications:
Participants will gain insights into the intelligent flight features offered by DJI products and how they enhance offshore asset inspections.

Lesson 1: DJI Intelligent Flight Features: This lesson highlights features like obstacle avoidance and waypoint navigation, contributing to increased safety and precise data collection during inspections.
Module 5 - Types of Inspection and Examples:
This module provides an in-depth examination of the various types of inspections applicable to offshore assets.

Lesson 1: Visual Inspection Techniques: Participants will delve into visual inspection techniques, covering their uses and limitations, providing a comprehensive understanding of visual inspection processes.
Lesson 2: Flare Stack Inspections: Focusing on flare stack inspections and their importance in detecting potential hazards and ensuring safety during offshore operations.
Lesson 3: Leak and Emission Detection: Exploring the application of drones in leak and emission detection, addressing environmental concerns and regulatory compliance.
Lesson 4: Oil Spill Detection and Response: Highlighting how drones play a crucial role in oil spill detection and response, aiding in rapid assessment and mitigation efforts.
Lesson 5: Mapping and Surveying: This lesson explains the applications of mapping and surveying using drones, providing accurate data for planning and maintenance of offshore assets.
Module 6 - The Inspection Process (Step-by-step):
Module 6 takes participants through the step-by-step inspection process, from pre-inspection day preparations to data importation and analysis.

Lesson 1: Pre-Inspection Day: Covering the importance of risk assessment, method statement development, and equipment preparation before conducting inspections, ensuring safety and efficiency.
Lesson 2: Inspection Day Execution: Guiding participants in flight set-up, safety checks, and effective execution of flight plans during the inspection day, maximizing the use of drones for data collection.
Lesson 3: Data Importation and Analysis: This lesson explores data importation and analysis post-inspection, ensuring the valuable information collected is utilized effectively to make informed decisions.
Module 7 - Legal Considerations:
This module addresses critical legal considerations for conducting offshore asset inspections using drones.

Lesson 1: UK Drone Legislation: Familiarizing participants with UK drone legislation relevant to offshore operations, including permits and regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
Lesson 2: Operating Safety Cases: Emphasizing the importance of operating safety cases and demonstrating competency and adherence to safety protocols during drone inspections.
Lesson 3: Offshore Asset Training Requirements: Covering the necessary training requirements for ensuring safe and efficient drone operations in offshore settings.
Module 8 - Case Studies:
In this final module, learners will explore real-life case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of drone technology in offshore asset inspections.

Lesson 1: Elios Inspects Offshore FPSO Tank: Showcasing the application of drone technology in challenging inspection scenarios with Elios inspecting an offshore FPSO tank, highlighting the benefits and outcomes of drone-assisted inspections.
Lesson 2: Global Oil Giant Shell Benefits from Drone Data: Exploring how global oil giant Shell benefits from drone data in their offshore asset management, emphasizing the advantages of using drones for data collection and analysis in large-scale operations.
Course Summary:
The "UAV Fundamentals of Inspecting Offshore Assets" course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of inspecting offshore assets using UAVs. Covering various platforms, the benefits of drone inspections, intelligent features, inspection techniques, legal considerations, and real-life case studies, the course equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting successful and efficient offshore asset inspections. Participants will gain insights into different offshore platforms, the advantages of drone inspections, recommended equipment, and applications of intelligent features. Moreover, they will learn various inspection techniques and examples, legal considerations, and the step-by-step inspection process. The course concludes with an end-of-course exam to assess participants' proficiency in this specialized field of drone inspections.

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