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How to use UAVs in maritime operations

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    The "How to use UAVs in maritime operations" course offers comprehensive training on the utilisation of UAVs in maritime settings. Participants gain knowledge about UAV technology, legal considerations, and safety protocols specific to maritime operations. The course explores various applications of UAVs in the maritime industry, including surveillance, data collection, communication support, and infrastructure inspection. Participants also receive recommendations for suitable UAV models. The course concludes with a summary, an end-of-course quiz, and guidance on final steps. Overall, participants acquire the necessary skills to effectively employ UAVs in maritime operations, enhancing surveillance, data collection, and logistical support in this context.


    How to use UAVs in maritime operations

    £147.00 Excl. VAT

    Module 1 – Introduction to UAVs in Maritime Operations:
    Lesson 1: Overview of UAVs and their Significance in Maritime Operations – Get an introduction to the role of UAVs in maritime applications, including search and rescue, coastal surveillance, and environmental monitoring.
    Lesson 2: Legal and Regulatory Considerations – Understand the legal and regulatory aspects that govern the use of UAVs in maritime operations, ensuring compliance and safety.

    Module 2 – UAV Technology:
    Lesson 1: Pre-Flight Procedures and Checklists – Learn about essential pre-flight procedures and checklists to ensure a safe and successful UAV operation in maritime settings.
    Lesson 2: Safety Considerations and Risk Management – Explore safety protocols and risk management strategies to mitigate potential hazards during UAV operations at sea.
    Lesson 3: COPTRZ Recommended UAVs – Discover the recommended UAV models suited for maritime applications, equipped with features for efficient data collection and surveillance.

    Module 3 – Applications:
    Lesson 1: Surveillance and Monitoring – Examine the use of UAVs for real-time surveillance and monitoring of maritime activities, including vessel tracking and border security.
    Lesson 2: Data Collection and Mapping – Understand how UAVs can collect valuable data for maritime mapping, charting sea routes, and assessing coastal environments.
    Lesson 3: Communication and Logistics Support – Learn how UAVs aid in communication and logistics support for marine missions, improving coordination and response efforts.
    Lesson 4: Infrastructure and Asset Inspection – Explore the application of UAVs in inspecting maritime infrastructure, such as offshore platforms and marine structures.

    Module 4 – Summary:
    Lesson 1: Summary – Recap the key concepts covered in the course, highlighting the significance of UAVs in maritime operations.
    Lesson 2: End of Course Quiz – Test your knowledge with the end-of-course quiz to reinforce your understanding of UAV applications in the maritime industry.

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