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How to use UAVs for powerline inspection

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    This course provides an in-depth understanding of powerline inspections using UAVs. Participants will learn about the various types of powerlines, the recommended UAVs, flight preparations, data capture techniques, data processing, analysis, and reporting. This comprehensive course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct efficient and effective powerline inspections.


    How to use UAVs for powerline inspection

    £147.00 Excl. VAT

    Module 1 – Introduction to Powerline Inspections:
    Lesson 1 – Introduction: Get an overview of powerline inspections, understanding the significance and the role of UAVs in this field, and examining cost-related considerations.
    Lesson 2 – When do powerlines need to be inspected?: Learn about the factors and triggers that determine when powerlines require inspection.
    Lesson 3 – Why are UAVs so useful?: Discover the advantages and benefits of using UAVs for powerline inspections.

    Module 2 – Powerlines:
    Lesson 1 – Types of powerlines: Explore the different types of powerlines commonly found in the industry.
    Lesson 2 – Parts of Transmission towers: Understand the components and structure of transmission towers.
    Lesson 3 – COPTRZ Recommended UAV: Learn about the recommended UAVs for effective powerline inspections.

    Module 3 – Taking Flight:
    Lesson 1 – Where to start?: Get insights into the initial steps and preparations required for conducting powerline inspections.
    Lesson 2 – Equipment Preparation: Understand the essential equipment and tools needed for a successful inspection mission.
    Lesson 3 – Gear and Accessories: Learn about the necessary gear and accessories for enhancing the efficiency of powerline inspections.
    Lesson 4 – Pre-Flight Check: Familiarize yourself with the pre-flight checklist and essential checks before commencing the inspection.

    Module 4 – Data Capture:
    Lesson 1 – Visual or Thermal: Discover the advantages and use cases of visual and thermal data capture for powerline inspections.
    Lesson 2 – Focus: Understand the importance of focus settings and considerations for capturing accurate data.
    Lesson 3 – Different Shots to Consider: Explore various shot types that can be used during powerline inspections.
    Lesson 4 – Data Collection: Master the techniques and methods for collecting data during powerline inspections.

    Module 5 – Process, Analyze, and Report:
    Lesson 1 – Process: Learn about the data processing techniques and software used to handle inspection data.
    Lesson 2 – Analyze: Explore the methods for analyzing the captured data and identifying potential issues.
    Lesson 3 – Report: Understand the process of creating comprehensive reports based on inspection findings.

    Module 6 – Summary:
    Lesson 1 – Summary: Recap the key concepts covered throughout the course, followed by a quiz to assess understanding.
    Lesson 2 – Next Steps: Explore possible opportunities for further advancements and application of powerline inspection skills.

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