Complete knowledge of EVLOS

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The "Complete knowledge of EVLOS" course focuses on Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) drone operations. Module 1 introduces learners to EVLOS, its concept, and the required equipment. Module 2 covers pre-flight actions and the significance of visual observer briefings. In Module 3, learners gain insights into in-flight procedures, crew resource management, and safety maintenance. The course concludes with Module 4, offering a summary, a knowledge check, and guidance for further steps. By the end, participants will understand the fundamentals of EVLOS drone operations and be equipped to conduct safe and efficient flights with the necessary protocols and procedures.


Module 1 - Introduction to EVLOS: This module provides an overview of Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) operations, explaining its concept and the necessary requirements for engaging in such drone flights.

Lesson 1 - What is EVLOS?: Learners will understand the definition and significance of Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) in the context of drone operations.

Lesson 2 - What do I need?: This lesson covers the essential prerequisites and equipment necessary for conducting EVLOS drone flights.

Module 2 - Flying Using EVLOS: Focusing on the practical aspects of EVLOS operations, this module delves into pre-flight actions and the importance of visual observer briefings.

Lesson 1 - Pre-Flight Actions: Learners will learn about the critical pre-flight actions and checks to ensure a safe and efficient EVLOS operation.

Lesson 2 - Visual Observer Briefings: Exploring the role and significance of visual observers, including how to conduct thorough briefings for successful EVLOS flights.

Module 3 - In-Flight Procedures: This module provides insights into in-flight actions, crew resource management, and maintaining safety during EVLOS drone operations.

Lesson 1 - In-Flight Actions: Learners will understand the key in-flight procedures and actions necessary for effective EVLOS drone flights.

Lesson 2 - Crew Resource Management: This lesson emphasizes the importance of effective crew resource management to enhance communication and coordination during EVLOS operations.

Lesson 3 - Maintaining Safety: Exploring safety measures and best practices to ensure a secure environment throughout the EVLOS drone flight.

Module 4 - Summary: This concluding module recaps the key points covered in the course and offers a summary of the EVLOS operations.

Lesson 1 - Summary: A comprehensive overview of the entire course content and key takeaways from the EVLOS operations course.

Lesson 2 - Knowledge Check: An assessment to evaluate learners' understanding of the course materials and concepts related to EVLOS.

Lesson 3 - Next Steps: Providing learners with guidance on potential next steps or advanced courses to further enhance their skills and knowledge in EVLOS operations.

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