Complete knowledge of crime scene and RTC mapping with Pix4D

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The "Complete knowledge of crime scene and RTC mapping with Pix4D" course provides a comprehensive introduction to using drones and Pix4D technology for accurate mapping of crime scenes and road traffic collisions. Learners will understand the significance of mapping in forensic investigations and accident reconstruction. They will explore the basics of drone operations, recommended UAV models, and data capture techniques. The course covers the data processing workflow using Pix4DMapper software, including image calibration, point cloud generation, and output creation. Real-world case studies demonstrate practical applications. The course concludes with a summary of key concepts, an exam, and guidance for further professional development in this field.


Module 1 - Introduction to Crime Scene and RTC Mapping with Pix4D:
This module provides an overview of crime scene and road traffic collision (RTC) mapping using Pix4D. Learners will understand the importance of accurate mapping in forensic investigations and accident reconstruction.

Lesson 1: Crime Scene and Road Traffic Collisions - Learners will explore the significance of mapping crime scenes and RTCs, including the benefits of using Pix4D technology for accurate data capture and analysis.

Module 2 - Drones:
This module focuses on the use of drones in crime scene and RTC mapping. Learners will learn the basics of drone operations and explore COPTRZ recommended unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) suitable for mapping applications.

Lesson 1: Getting Started - This lesson provides an introduction to drone operations, covering aspects such as flight planning, safety considerations, and legal requirements.

Lesson 2: COPTRZ Recommended UAVs - Learners will be introduced to UAV models recommended by COPTRZ for crime scene and RTC mapping, considering factors such as payload capacity and flight capabilities.

Module 3 - Process:
In this module, learners will gain insights into the data capture and processing workflows involved in crime scene and RTC mapping using Pix4D. They will understand how to capture data effectively, process it with Pix4DMapper software, and generate accurate and detailed outputs.

Lesson 1: Data Capture - This lesson covers best practices for capturing high-quality aerial imagery and data using drones for crime scene and RTC mapping purposes.

Lesson 2: Data Process With Pix4DMapper - Learners will learn how to process the captured data using Pix4DMapper software, including steps such as image calibration, point cloud generation, and surface reconstruction.

Lesson 3: Data Output - This lesson explores the various output options available in Pix4D, such as orthomosaics, 3D models, and measurements, which are crucial for forensic investigations and accident reconstruction.

Module 4 - Case Studies:
This module presents real-world case studies where Pix4D was used for crime scene and RTC mapping. Learners will analyze these cases to understand practical applications and challenges in the field.

Case Study: 53 Car Pileup - Learners will examine a case involving a large-scale car pileup and how Pix4D was used to map and analyze the scene, aiding in the investigation and reconstruction process.

Case Study: West Midlands Police - This case study highlights how Pix4D technology was utilized by the West Midlands Police for crime scene mapping, assisting in evidence collection and analysis.

Case Study: Michigan State Police - Learners will explore a case study where Pix4D was employed by the Michigan State Police to map an accident scene, supporting accident reconstruction and legal proceedings.

Module 5 - Summary:
The final module provides a summary of the course, recapping the key concepts and lessons covered. Learners will review the importance of crime scene and RTC mapping, the role of drones and Pix4D, and the case studies presented.

Summary - Learners will receive a concise recap of the course content, emphasizing the knowledge and skills gained in crime scene and RTC mapping with Pix4D.

End of Course Exam - The course concludes with an exam to assess learners' understanding of the material covered.

Next Steps - Participants will receive guidance on next steps for further learning and professional development in the field of crime scene and RTC mapping with Pix4D.

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